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CHOICES Bullying Prevention Programs

CHOICES Logo In the spring of 2016, Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE) administered the nationally recognized Pride Learning Environment Survey that captures information specifically about bullying, school climate, and substance abuse to a representative sample of Tulare County students in grades 6 through 12.

The results of the survey indicated that bullying is a significant factor in the lives of students in Tulare County. Of the youth surveyed, 45.9% indicated that their schools do not set clear rules against bullying. In addition to these perceptions regarding bullying on their campuses, 30.2% of students indicated that bullying has interfered with their school work; 31.9% indicated that students who strive to succeed academically are picked on at school; and 62.6% of students indicated they were “feeling left out” at their school. Further, the polled students also indicated that 14.7% have been threatened with harm at school; 15.6% have been very afraid of being harmed while at school; and 73.4% report they have not always felt safe at their school.

TCOE CHOICES Prevention Programs respond

The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (CalOES), Victim Services & Public Safety Branch XB Program grant was awarded to Tulare County Office of Education – CHOICES Program in October 2016.

The purpose of the XB Program is to fund agencies that provide direct services to child/teen victims of bullying and/or school violence.

This is a direct service program that TCOE – CHOICES is implementing at the 33 CHOICES After School sites across Tulare County. The XB grant provides education advocacy, training (including administrators, teachers, classified staff, and students), counseling resources, and referral services for students who are identified as victims of bullying or school violence.

The Tulare County Office of Education CHOICES Prevention Programs are dedicated to supporting young people, school districts, parents, and community-based agencies in issues related to bullying prevention and intervention by providing trainings, staff development, technical assistance, and victim consultation.