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CHOICES Prevention Programs

Choices Logo Supporting meaningful connections that provide skill building and development opportunities resulting in resilient youth.

View and print the CHOICES Brochure. (317kb pdf file)

Choices Prevention Programs The programs offered through Choices are an important part of the academic process. These programs work to negate the risk factors students face in their life. Risk factors are conditions which increase the likelihood of an individual engaging in destructive behaviors. The conditions underlying the problems of alcohol and other drug use, teen pregnancy, delinquency, violence, depression, school attendance and school drop-outs are addressed using research based programs. The Choices staff members work with students, teachers, and administrators to build protective assets and resources that promote student development. They also work to buffer risk factors that might otherwise compromise their personal and academic development.

Choices uses the following research based, model programs:
  • Too Good for Drugs
  • Life Skills
  • Reconnecting Youth
  • Project Alert
  • Bullying Prevention Programs
  • Class Action
  • CAST - Coping and Support Training
More information about these programs can be found on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration web site at nrepp.samhsa.gov.

View the videos

View student-created videos on the Student Events and Reconnecting Youth pages.

For more information about the CHOICES Prevention Programs, contact Frank Silveira at frank.silveira@tcoe.org or call (559) 651-0155.

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