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Acronyms, Abbreviations, Definitions and Symbols used in Education in Tulare County

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| Misc|

A of EAssociation of Educators
AAAffirmative Action
Alcoholics Anonymous
Associate of Arts
AAASAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science
AACJCAmerican Association of Community and Junior Colleges
AACTEAmerican Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
AADAssessment and Accountability Division
AAHPERDAmerican Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
AASAAmerican Association of School Administrators
AASLAmerican Association of School Librarians
AASPAAmerican Association of School Personnel Administrators
AAUAmateur Athletic Union
Association of American Universities
AAUWAmerican Association of University Women
AB xxxxAssembly Bill no. xxxx, State of California
AB 1200Assembly bill effective for budget year 1992-93 providing for single- and dual-budget adoption schedules subject to district/county office choice; public disclosure of collective bargaining agreements before signing; districts must certify to multi-year financial condition; county offices given greater authority in approval or disapproval of district budgets
ACCSAdvisory Commission on Charter Schools
ACEAmerican Council on Education
Assessments in Career Education
ACEIAssociation for Childhood Education International
ACIAcademic and Career Integration
ACIAAcademic and Career Integral Assessments in Career Education
ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union
ACRAssembly Concurrent Resolution
ACSAAssociation of California School Administrators
ACSEAdvisory Commission on Special Education
ACTAmerican College Testing Program
ACTEAssociation for Career and Technical Education
ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act
Average Daily Attendance
ADAPTAlcohol and Drug Abuse Prevent Team
ADDAttention Deficit Disorder
ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADPAlcohol and Drug Programs
A of EAssociation of Educators
AEAAdult Education Association
AECTAssociation for Educational Communications and Technology
AEOEAssociation for Environmental and Outdoor Education
AERAAmerican Educational Research Association
AFDCAid for Families with Dependent Children
AFL/CIOAmerican Federation of Labor/Congress of Industrial Organizations
AFSAmerican Field Service
AFTAmerican Federation of Teachers
AIDAudits and Investigations Division
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIECEAmerican Indian Early Childhood Education
AITAgency for Instructional Television
ALAAmerican Library Association
AMAAmerican Management Association
American Medical Association
AMAEAssociation of Mexican-American Educators
AMAOsAnnual Measurable Achievement Objectives
AMEGAssociation for Measurement and Evaluation in Guidance
AODAlcohol and Other Drugs
APAdvanced Placement
Alternative Payment
Associated Press
APEAdapted Physical Education
APGAAmerican Personnel and Guidance Association
APIAcademic Performance Index
APRAccountability Progress Reporting
A/P or APYAccounts Payable
(The ARC)
Association of Retarded Citizens
ASAssociate of Science
ASAMAlternative Schools Accountability Model
ASBOAssociation of School Business Officials of the United States and Canada
ASCAAmerican School Counselor Association
ASCDAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development
ASESAfter School Education and Safety Program
ASHAAmerican School Health Association
American Speech and Hearing Association
ASLSNPPAfter School Learning and Safe Neighborhoods Partnership Program
ASPAfter School Program
ASRAAdministrative Support and Regulations Adoption
ATEAssociation of Teacher Educators
AVAssessed Valuation
Audio Visual
AVIDAdvancement Via Individual Determination
AYHAmerican Youth Hostels
AYPAdequate Yearly Progress

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BABachelor of Arts
BACBilingual Advisory Committee (School Site)
BASCBusiness Administrators Steering Committee
BCABoy’s Club of America
BCCBilingual Certificate of Competence
BCLADBilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development Certification
BFEBoard of Fundamental Education
BIABuilding Industry Association
Bureau of Indian Affairs
BPPVEBureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education
BSBachelor of Science
BSABoy Scouts of America
BTRPBilingual Teacher Recruitment Program
BTSABeginning Teacher Support and Assessment
BTTPBilingual Teacher Training Program (BTTP-9 includes the 7 counties in Region 9: Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tulare)

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C & ICurriculum and Instruction
CACoordinating Agency
CAAECalifornia Alliance for Arts in Education
CAASFEPCalifornia Association of Administrators of State and Federal Education Programs
CABECalifornia Association of Bilingual Education
CACCalifornia Administrative Code
California Arts Council
Community Advisory Council
CACECalifornia Association of Childhood Education
California Association for Compensatory Education
CACERCalifornia Advisory Council on Educational Research
CACFPChild and Adult Care Food Program
CADSConsolidated Application Data System
CAEACalifornia Art Education Association
CAEOPCalifornia Association of Educational Office Professionals
CAEYCCalifornia Association for the Education of Young Children
CAGCalifornia Association of the Gifted
CAHPERDCalifornia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
CAHSEECalifornia High School Exit Examination
CAIComputer-Assisted Instruction
CAJPACalifornia Association of Joint Powers Authorities
CAL-OSHACalifornia Occupational Safety and Health Administration
CALPADSCalifornia Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System
Cal-SAFECalifornia School Age Families Education
CalSERVEK-12 Service Learning Initiative
CALSPRACalifornia School Public Relations Association
CalSTRSCalifornia State Teachers' Retirement System
CALTIDESCalifornia Longitudinal Teacher Integrated Data Education System
CalWORKSCalifornia Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids
CaMSPCalifornia Mathematics and Science Partnership
CANECCalifornia Network of Educational Charters
CAOChief Administrative Official/Officer
CAPCalifornia Assessment Program
(or FedCAP) Federal Corrective Action Plan
CAPACalifornia Alternate Performance Assessment
CAROCPCalifornia Association of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs
CASBOCalifornia Association of School Business Officials
CASCD California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
CASCWACalifornia Association of Supervisors of Child Welfare and Attendance
CASECouncil of Administrators of Special Education
Council for Advancement and Support of Education
CASEMISCalifornia Special Education Management Information System
CASHCoalition for Adequate School Housing
CATCalifornia Achievement Test
CATECalifornia Association of Teachers of English
CATESOLCalifornia Association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
CAWEECalifornia Association of Work Experience Educators
CBECompetency-Based Education
CBEACalifornia Business Education Association
CBEDSCalifornia Basic Educational Data System
CBESTCalifornia Basic Education Skills Test
CBETCommunity-Based English Tutoring
CBOChief Business Official
Community-Based Organization
CBRCalifornia Business Roundtable
CCAECalifornia Council of Adult Educators
California Council for Adult Education
CCBECalifornia County Boards of Education
CCCCalifornia Community College
CCCCCalifornia Curriculum Correlating Council
CCCJCalifornia Council on Criminal Justice
CCDACalifornia Career Development Association
CCDAACalifornia Child Development Administrators Association
CCDBGChild Care and Development Block Grant
CCDFChild Care and Development Fund
CCEICalifornia Council of Electronics Instructors
CCETCCentral California Educational Technology Consortium
CCFRFChild Care Facilities Revolving Fund
CCHECalifornia Coordinating Council for Higher Education
CCISCalifornia Consortium for Independent Study
CCLDHNCalifornia Conference of Local Health Department Nutritionists
CCPTCalifornia Congress of Parents and Teachers
CCRCalifornia Code of Regulations
Coordinated Compliance Review
CCSCalifornia Children’s Services
CCSESACalifornia County Superintendents Educational Services Association
CCSSCalifornia Council for the Social Studies
Common Core State Standards (now California State Standards)
CCSSOCouncil of Chief State School Officials/Officers
CDCommunications Division
Child Development
CDCChild Development Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CDDChild Development Division
CDECalifornia Department of Education
CDFSChild Development Fiscal Services
CDHSCalifornia Department of Health Services
CDPACChild Development Policy Advisory Committee
CDSCounty/District/School code
Community Day Schools
CDSMCCurriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission
CDTCCalifornia Drafting Technology Consortium
CECCouncil for Exceptional Children
CEEBCollege Entrance Examination Board
CELDTCalifornia English Language Development Test
CEQACalifornia Environmental Quality Act
CERCommunity Educational Resources
CETAComprehensive Employment Training Act
CFFClassroom of the Future Foundation
CFIRCurriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources
CFNLPCalifornia Friday Night Live Partnership
CFRCode of Federal Regulations
CFTCalifornia Federation of Teachers
CHCommunicatively Handicapped
CHADDChildren and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
CHAMPUSCivilian Health and Medical Program for Uniformed Services
CHDPChildren's Health and Disability Prevention
CHDPPChild Health and Disability Prevention Program
CHEPCommunity Home Education Program
CHKRCCalifornia Healthy Kids Resource Center
CHKSCalifornia Healthy Kids Survey
CHSACalifornia Head Start Association
CHSPECalifornia High School Proficiency Examination
CHSSCOCalifornia Head Start-State Collaboration Office
C & ICurriculum and Instruction
CIACurriculum, Instruction and Assessment
CIFCalifornia Interscholastic Federation
CISCCurriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (formerly CSSC)
CITEACalifornia Industrial and Technology Education Association
CLACalifornia Library Association
CLABCurriculum, Learning and Accountability Branch
CLADCross-cultural Language and Academic Development
CLASCalifornia Learning Assessment System
CLHSCalifornia League of High Schools
CLLSCalifornia Library Literacy Services
CLMSCalifornia League of Middle Schools
CLRNCalifornia Learning Resource Network
CMACalifornia Modified Assessment
CMASCalifornia Multiple Award Schedule
CMCCalifornia Math Council
CMDClearinghouse for Multilingual Documents
CMEACalifornia Music Educators Association
CMRContract Monitoring Review
CNACChild Nutrition Advisory Council
CNCChild Nutrition Consultant
COABECommission on Adult Basic Education
COBRAConsolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COCCCChancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges
CODACash or Deferred Arrangement [tax deferred under Section 401(k)]
COECounty Office of Education
COICCCalifornia Occupational Information Coordinating Committee
COLACost of Living Adjustment/Allowance
COMBOCombined Arts and Education Council
CO-OPCooperative program comprises districts with less than $75,000 total funding; TCOE administers and submits consolidated categorical aid program application on behalf of the member districts
COPCommittee of Practitioners (Title I)
COSACalifornia Outdoor School Administrators
CPACalifornia Partnership Academies
Certified Public Accountant
CPCMCategorical Programs Complaints Management
CPDICalifornia Professional Development Institutes (Governor's Institutes)
CPECCalifornia Postsecondary Education Commission
CPGACalifornia Personnel and Guidance Association
CPPPCollege Preparation Partnership Program
CPSChild Protection Services
CRACalifornia Reading Association
CRECoordinated Review Effort
CRESSTCenter for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing
CRLCalifornia Reading List
CRLPCalifornia Reading and Literature Project
Comprehensive Reading Leadership Program
CRPCollege Readiness Project
Content Review Panel
CRTCriterion Referenced Test
CSAMCalifornia School Accounting Manual
CSBCalifornia School for the Blind
CSBACalifornia School Boards Association
CSDCalifornia School for the Deaf
Charter Schools Division
CSEACalifornia School Employees Association
California State Employees Association
CSECCCalifornia State Employees Charitable Campaign
C-SETCommunity Services for Education and Training
CSETCalifornia Subject Examinations for Teachers
CSEYClassified School Employee of the Year
CalStateCECCalifornia State Council for Exceptional Children
CSFPCommodity Supplemental Food Program
CSFSACalifornia Schools Food Service Association
CSHACalifornia Speech-Language-Hearing Association
CSISCalifornia School Information Services
CSLACalifornia School Leadership Academy
California School Library Association
CSMPCalifornia Subject Matter Projects
CSMTClearinghouse for Specialized Media and Translations
CSNACalifornia School Nutrition Association
CSNOCalifornia School Nurses Organization
CSPCACalifornia School Personnel Commissioners Association
CSPTACalifornia State Parent Teacher Association
CSPDComprehensive System of Personnel Development
CSRCharter School Research
Class Size Reduction
Comprehensive School Reform
CSRDComprehensive School Reform Demonstration
CSRPCalifornia School Recognition Program
CSSComprehensive Student Support
California State Standards
CSSACalifornia Safe Schools Assessment
CSSFCounty School Service Fund
CSTCalifornia Standards Tests
CSUCalifornia State University
CTACalifornia Teachers Association
CTAPCalifornia Technology Assistance Project
CTBSCalifornia Test of Basic Skills
CTCCommission on Teacher Credentialing
California Transportation Commission
CTECareer Technical Education
CTEIComprehensive Teacher Education Institute
CTFCalifornia Teleconnect Fund
CTLCommission on Technology in Learning
CTPLCommission for Teacher Preparation and Licensing
CUEComputer-Using Educators
CVRCCentral Valley Regional Center
CYACalifornia Youth Authority

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DACDistrict Advisory Committee/Council
DAITDistrict Assistance and Intervention Team
DATEDrug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Education
DCHDevelopment Center for the Handicapped
DDDevelopmental Disability
DEAMDepartment of Education Administrative Manual
DGSDepartment of General Services
DHSDigital High School (Grants)
Direct Service DistrictsDirect service districts (ADA less than 900) receive direct assistance from TCOE, including service by instructional consultants
DISDesignated Instructional Services
DMDData Management Division
DOEDepartment of Education (Federal)
Doe Avenue (TCOE complex)
DOFDepartment of Finance
DOLDepartment of Labor (U.S.)
DORDepartment of Rehabilitation
DOSEDirector of Special Education
DPData Processing
DPADepartment of Personnel Administration
DPSSDepartment of Public Social Services
DSIDDistrict and School Improvement Division
DSSDepartment of Social Services

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EAPEmployee Assistance Program
Early Assessment Program
EASEducational Assessment Service
ECEducation Code
ECEEarly Childhood Education
ECIAEducation Consolidation and Improvement Act
ECTEducational Consultant Team
EDEmotionally Disturbed
U.S. Department of Education
EDCEconomic Development Corporation
EDDEmployment Development Department
EDGAREducation Department General Administrative Regulations
EDU-TECHEducation Technology Services
EDYEducationally Disadvantaged Youth
EECEducational Enrichment Center
(2500 W. Burrel Ave., Visalia)
EEOCEqual Educational Opportunities Commission
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EETTEnhancing Education Through Technology
EHSEarly Head Start
EIAEconomic Impact Aid
EIA/SCEEconomic Impact Aid/State Compensatory Education
EIREnvironmental Impact Report
ELEnglish Learner
ELAEnglish-Language Arts
ELAPEnglish Language Acquisition Program
ELCSDEnglish Learner and Curriculum Support Division
ELDEnglish Language Development
ELILPEnglish Language and Intensive Literacy Program
ELM Entry Level Math
ELPEnglish Language Placement
EMECEducational Management and Evaluation Commission
EMRICEducational Media Research Information Center
EOEnglish Only
EOAEqual Opportunity Act
EOCEqual Opportunity in the Classroom
EPAEducational Program Audit
Environmental Protection Agency
EPTEnglish Placement Test
ERAFEducational Revenue Augmentation Fund
E-RateEducation Discount for Telecommunications Services
ERSEducational Resource Services
ESAAEmergency School Aid Act
ESEAElementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
ESEA/IASAElementary/Secondary Education Act/Improving America's Schools Act
ESLEnglish as a Second Language
ESLRExpected Schoolwide Learning Results
ETACEducation Technology Advisory Committee
ETNEducational Telecommunications Network
ETSEducational Testing Service
ETVEducational Television

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FACSFinancial Accounting Control System
FAPEFree Appropriate Public Education
FAQFrequently Asked Questions
FASDFiscal and Administrative Services Division
FBGFederal Block Grant
FBLAFuture Business Leaders of America
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FCMATFinancial Crisis Management Assistance Team
FEAFuture Educators of America
FEPFluent-English Proficient
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FFAFuture Farmers of America
FHAFederal Housing Authority
Future Homemakers of America
FICAFederal Insurance Contributions Act
FISFinancial Information System
FITFederal Income Tax
FNLFriday Night Live (drug use prevention program)
FOLFocus on Learning
FPDFiscal Policy Division
FTABFinance, Technology and Administration Branch
FTEFull Time Equivalent
FTPFile Transfer Protocol
FYFiscal Year
FYSFoster Youth Services

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GACDBGovernment Affairs and Charter Development Branch
GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
GATEGifted and Talented Education
GCGovernment Code
GCCGeneral Child Care
GEDGeneral Educational Development (Test)
GISGeographic Information System
GPAGrade Point Average
GREGraduate Record Exam
GSEGolden State Examination
GSSMDGolden State Seal Merit Diploma

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HCEHealth Careers Education
HEARTHomework, Enrichment, Acceleration, Recreation and Teamwork (after-school program)
HECTHome Economics Careers and Technology
HETACHome Economics Teachers Association of California
HILTHigh-Intensity Language Training
HIVHuman Immunodeficiency Virus
HLAY, 2000Here's Looking at You, 2000 (drug use prevention training curriculum)
HLSHome Language Survey
HMOHealth Maintenance Organization
HOPEHome Oriented Preschool Education
HOUSSEHigh Objective Uniform State Standard of Evaluation
HOXHomeowners Exemption
HPSHigh Performing School
HPSGPHigh Priority Schools Grant Program
HRHuman Resources
HR xxxxU.S. House of Representatives Bill no. xxxx
HRDDepartment of Human Resources Development
HSHead Start
HSASPHealthy Start and After School Partnerships
HSEEHigh School Exit Exam
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HUDDepartment of Housing and Urban Development

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IAAInteragency Agreement
IASAImproving America’s Schools Act of 1994
IBInternational Baccalaureate
IDEAIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act
IDFInfant Discretionary Funds
IEPIndividualized Education Plan/Program
IHEInstitute of Higher Education
II/USPImmediate Intervention/Underperforming Schools Program
IMDCInstructional Materials Display Center
IMSInformation Management Services
IQIntelligence Quotient
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
International Reading Association
IRCInstructional Resource Center
ISInformation Systems
Independent Study
ISVDInformation System for Vocational Decisions
ITEAInternational Technology Education Association
ITFSInstructional Television Fixed Service
ITVInstructional Television

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JAJunior Achievement
JCCASACJuvenile Court, Community, and Alternative School Administrators of California
JCCSJuvenile Court and Community Schools
JPAJoint Powers Agreement
Joint Powers Authority
JTPAJob Training Partnership Act
Job Training Placement Act

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LACLegal, Audits, and Compliance Branch
LAFPDLegislative Affairs and Fiscal Policy Division
LCLanguage Census
LCILicensed Children’s Institute
LDLearning Disability
Legal Division
LEALocal Educational Agency
LEPLimited English Proficient
LES/NESLimited-English Speaking/Non-English Speaking
LPCsLocal Child Care and Development Planning Councils
LPSLow Performing School
LRDCLearning Resources Display Centers
LRELeast Restrictive Environment
LRETLearning Resources and Educational Technology
LSPDLearning Support and Partnerships Division

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M & OMaintenance and Operations
MAMaster of Arts
MAPAMexican-American Political Alliance
MAPSManpower Analysis & Planning Systems
MASTMathematics and Science Technology Academy
MATManagement Assistance Team
MBAMasters in Business Administration
MEMigrant Education
MECHAMovimento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (Chicano Student Movement in Aztlan)
MENTEMigrant Engaged in New Themes in Education
MHSMigrant Head Start
MISManagement Information System
MLCMaple Learning Complex
M & OMaintenance and Operations
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MRAMinimum Reimbursable Amount
Maximum Reimbursable Amount
MSATMultiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
MSRTSMigrant Students Record Transfer System
MTTIMultilingual Trainer of Trainers Institute
MTVMobile Technology Vehicle
Music TV
MTYREMultiTrack Year-Round Education
MVPMobile Video Production

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N & DNeglected and Delinquent
NAACPNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People
NABENational Association for Bilingual Education
NAEANational Art Education Association
NAEOPNational Association of Educational Office Personnel
NAEPNational Assessment of Educational Progress
NAESPNational Association of Elementary School Principals
NAEYCNational Association for the Education of Young Children
NAGCNational Association for Gifted Children
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASBENational Association of State Boards of Education
NASPANational Association of Student Personnel Administrators
NASSPNational Association of Secondary School Principals
NASTANational Association of State Textbook Administrators
NASSWNational Association of School Social Workers
NATASNational Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
NBCTNational Board Certified Teacher
NBEANational Business Education Association
NBPTSNational Board for Professional Teaching Standards
NCAANational Collegiate Athletic Association
NCADDNational Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
NCATENational Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NCAWENational Council of Administrative Women in Education
NCBENational Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
NCCPTNational Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers
NCDANational Career Development Association
NCEANational Community Education Association
NCEENational Center on Education and the Economy
NCESNational Center for Education Statistics
NCETNational Council for Educational Technology
NCHSTENational Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education
NCLBNo Child Left Behind (Act of 2001)
NCPTNational Congress of Parents and Teachers
NCSLNational Conference of State Legislatures
NCSSNational Council for the Social Studies
NCTENational Council of Teachers of English
NCTMNational Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCYENational Council on Year-Round Education
N & DNeglected and Delinquent
NDEANational Defense Education Act
NEANational Education Association
National Endowment for the Arts
NESNon-English Speaking
NETNutrition Education and Training
NHSNational Honor Society
NHSANational Head Start Association
NIENational Institute of Education
Newspapers in Education
NJHSNational Junior Honor Society
NMSCNational Merit Scholarship Corporation
NPANonpublic Agency
NPRNational Percentile Rank
NPSNonpublic School
Nonpublic Nonsectarian School
NRTANational Retired Teachers Association
NSBANational School Boards Association
NSDNutrition Services Division
NSFNational Science Foundation
NSLPNational School Lunch Program
NSPANational Scholastic Press Association
NSPRANational School Public Relations Association
NSTANational Science Teachers Association
NSVPNational School Volunteer Program
NTENational Teachers’ Exam
NYCNeighborhood Youth Corps

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O & MOrientation and Mobility
OCAPOffice of Child Abuse Prevention
OCROffice of Civil Rights
OEOutdoor Education
OEOOffice of Equal Opportunity
OHOrthopedically Handicapped
OHIOther Health Impaired
OLAOffice of Local Assistance
O & MOrientation and Mobility
OMBOffice of Management and Budget
OPSCOffice of Public School Construction
OSAOffice of State Architect
OSEOffice of the Secretary of Education
OSEPOffice of Special Education Programs
OSHAOccupational Safety and Health Act
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSTOffice of School Transportation
OTOccupational Therapy
OTPOccupational Training Program
OTSOffice of Traffic Safety

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PARPeer Assistance and Review (program for teachers)
PART-RProfessional Assault Response Training-Revised
PASRPrincipal Apportionment System Rewrite
PASSCoPersonnel Administrative Services Steering Committee
PBDMIPerformance Based Data Management Initiative
PCParent Committee
PCAProject Cost Account
PCRProgram Compliance Review
PDP-16 Division
PDCProfessional Development Center
PDF (.pdf)Portable Document Format
PEPhysical Education
PERBPublic Employees Relations Board
PERSPublic Employees Retirement System
PFTPhysical Fitness Testing
PHPhysically Handicapped
PIProgram Improvement
PIC Private Industry Council
PIOPublic Information Officer
PLPublic Law
PMPPregnant Minors Program
POPurchase Order
PPCProgram Policy Committee
PPDPurified Protein Derivative (Tuberculin Test)
PPIBP-16 Policy and Information Branch
PPRPupil Promotion and Retention
PQRProgram Quality Review
PREPlanning, Research and Evaluation
PRSAPublic Relations Society of America
PSAPublic Service Announcement
PSAAPublic Schools Accountability Act
PSATPreliminary Scholastic Achievement Test
PSDPersonnel Services Division
PTPhysical Therapy
PT/OTPhysical Therapist/Occupational Therapist
PTAParent-Teachers Association
PTSAParent Teacher Student Association

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QAPQuality Assurance Process
QEIAQuality Education Investment Act of 2006

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R & DResearch and Development
R & RResource and Referral
RAVECRegional Adult Vocational Education Council
R & DResearch and Development
RDARecommended Daily Allowance
RFARequest for Applications
RFEPReclassified to Fluent-English Proficient
RFPRequest for Proposals
RICAReading Instruction Competence Assessment
RIEResearch in Education
RIFReading Is Fundamental
Reduction In Force
RISEReform in Intermediate and Secondary Education
RLRevenue Limit
RLAReading/Language Arts
ROCRegional Occupational Center
ROCPRegional Occupational Centers and Programs
ROPRegional Occupational Program
Regional Opportunity Program
R & RResource and Referral
RRRRights, Respect and Responsibilities
RSNReading Success Network
RSPResource Specialist Program
RTERequest to Employ
RTFRich Text Format

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S xxxxU.S. Senate Bill no. xxxx
S4Statewide System of School Support Project
SABE/2Spanish Assessment of Basic Education
SACSchool Advisory Council/Committee
SACSStandardized Account Code Structure
SAPStudent Assistance Program
SAPIDSchool Age Parenting and Infant Development
SARBSchool Attendance Review Board
SARCSchool Accountability Report Card
SATScholastic Achievement Test
School Assessment Team
SAT-9Stanford Achievement Test (Stanford 9)
SAVEStudents Against Violence Everywhere
SB xxxxSenate Bill no. xxxx, State of California
SBCPSchool-Based Coordinated Program
SBEState Board of Education
SBPSchool Breakfast Program
SCALDSecondary, Career and Adult Learning Division
SCANSSecretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills
SCASSSouthern California Association of Science Supervisors
State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards - Health Education Assessment Project
SCCACSouthern California Comprehensive Assistance Center
SCEState Compensatory Education
SCFIRDStandards, Curriculum Frameworks, and Instructional Resources Division
SCICONClemmie Gill School of Science and Conservation
SCOState Controller's Office
SCOESacramento County Office of Education
SCORESchools of California Online Resources for Education
SCRSenate Concurrent Resolution
SCSSuperintendent's Correspondence System
SDSchool District
SDAService Delivery Area
SDAIESpecially Designed Academic Instruction in English
SDCSpecial Day Class
SDFSCSafe and Drug Free Schools and Communities
SEAState Education Agency
SECGState Education Coordination and Grants
SEDSpecial Education Division
Severely Emotionally Disturbed
SEEServices for Education and Employment
SEECAPSpecial Education Early Childhood Administrators Project
SEEDSSupporting Early Education Delivery Systems
SEIDSStatewide Educator Identifiers
SELPASpecial Education Local Plan Area
SETASacramento Employment and Training Agency
SETSStatewide Education Technology Services
SFPDSchool Facilities Planning Division
SFSDSchool Fiscal Services Division
SFSPSummer Food Service Program
SGCSuperintendents Governance Committee
SHSeverely Handicapped
SHAPEShaping Health As Partners in Education
SHCSchool Health Connections
SIECUSSex Information and Education Council of the United States
SIGSchool Improvement Grant
SIPSchool Improvement Program
SISStudent Information System
SISCSelf-Insured Schools of California
SITState Income Tax
SLDSevere Language Disability
SMISchool Meals Initiative
SNASchool Nutrition Association
SNESociety for Nutrition Education
SNORStudent National Origin Report
SNPSchool Nutrition Program
SPACState Parent Advisory Council
SPBState Personnel Board
SPISuperintendent of Public Instruction
SPINService Provider Number for E-Rate Services
SPSState Preschool
SPSSCStudent Programs and Services Steering Committee
SSATSecondary School Admission Test
SSCSchool Services of California
School Site Council
SSIDStatewide Student Identifier
SSPIState Superintendent of Public Instruction
SSRSustained Silent Reading
SSSBSpecial Services and Support Branch
SSSSDState Special Schools and Services Division
SSTStudent Study Team
STACSuperintendents Technology Advisory Committee
STARStandardized Testing and Reporting Program
STDsSexually Transmitted Diseases
STEPSummer Training Education Program
STRSState Teachers Retirement System
STSStandards-based Tests in Spanish
SWPSchoolwide Programs
SYSchool Year
SYETPSummer Youth Employment Training Program

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T1Phone Service Rated at 1.54mb per second (related to Internet)
T5Title 5, California Code of Regulations
T & TATraining and Technical Assistance
TAPPTeenage Parenting Program
TCBThe College Board
TCBETulare County Board of Education
TCOETulare County Office of Education
TCOVETulare County Organization for Vocational Education
TCPYFTulare County Probation Youth Facility
TCSBATulare County School Boards Association
TCSIGTulare County Schools Insurance Group (Workers’ Comp JPA)
TCSSIATulare County Schools Self-Insurance Authority (P/L JPA)
TEROCTobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee
TICALTechnology Information Center for Administrative Leadership
TICGTechnology Innovation Challenge Grant
TIMMSThird International Mathematics and Science Study
TINTax Identification Number
Title IElementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 6301 et seq.)
Title I - Improving The Academic Achievement Of The Disadvantaged
Title IIIFederal Program that specifically supports supplemental language development for English learners
TLCTechnology Literacy Challenge (Grants)
TSATax-Sheltered Annuity [tax is deferred under Section 403(b)]
TSDTechnology Services Division
T & TATraining and Technical Assistance
TUPETobacco Use Prevention Education
TWBITwo-Way Bilingual Immersion
TYSBTulare Youth Services Bureau

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UCUniversity of California
UCOPUniversity of California Office of the President
UCPUniform Complaint Procedures
UHSDUnion High School District
UNICEFUnited Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
USDUnified School District
Union School District
USDAU.S. Department of Agriculture
USDE/USDOEU.S. Department of Education
USIUUnited States International University

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VAVeterans Administration
VAPAVisual and Performing Arts
VEVisiting Educator
VEAVocational Education Act
VELTVocational English Language Training
VIVisually Impaired
VICAVocational Industrial Clubs of America
VIEWVital Information for Education and Work
VISTAVolunteers in Service to America
VOC. ED.Vocational Education
VSOVocational Student Organizations

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WAIWeb Accessibility Initiative
WASCWestern Association of Schools and Colleges
WEEWork Experience Education
WICWomen, Infants, and Children
WWWWorld Wide Web

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YEPYouth Education Partnerships
YESYouth Employment Services
YOAYear of Appropriation
YOBYear of Budget
YOCYear of Completion
YRBSYouth Risk Behavior Survey
YRBSSYouth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
YREYear Round Education

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§Symbol for "section" of federal or state codes

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Tim A. Hire, County Superintendent of Schools
Tulare County Office of Education
All mail to: P.O. Box 5091, Visalia, CA 93278-5091
Physical address: 6200 S. Mooney Blvd., Visalia, CA 93277
phone: (559) 733-6300 • fax: (559) 627-5219

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