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Impact Center to premiere new program for students this fall

Multimedia Educational Theater benefits from new panoramic projection system

MET Missions Program Thanks to a new program created by the Impact Center, students can visit the California Mission sites through an engaging high-definition video shown on a stunning 33-foot-long panoramic screen. The program, entitled Up and Down El Camino Real: A Look at the California Mission System, will be available to student groups visiting the Multimedia Education Theater (MET) in Visalia this fall.

MET Missions Program The MET complements the Peña Planetarium in presenting social studies programs to thousands of visiting students each year. Since Fall 2007, the theater has operated a five-screen, digital projection system. While the set-up was a great advancement over the slide-based projectors previously used, Media Developer Conan Palmer felt there was room for improvement. "The idea was to convert the screen from five smaller images to one panoramic image," Palmer explains. "This makes filming and editing much more efficient, and gives us more visual design freedom."

The new projection system was developed just as Impact Center Media Technician Haley White began editing footage she captured from traveling to the 21 mission sites. The new format, created in-house by Mr. Palmer, uses three high-definition projectors working together to create a seamless panoramic image. Ms. White says, "I can have 56 pictures up at one time, three videos running simultaneously or a single wide shot that takes up the entire screen. That really helps keep the attention of students who are used to the action seen on television and in movies."

MET Missions Program "We are very proud of our new video and the technology used to project it," says Impact Center Supervisor Sara Sutton. The program, which covers many of the state fourth-grade history standards, will be available to classes visiting the Impact Center this fall. For more information about the new mission program, call (559) 733-6433.

Photos above:
~ Impact Center Supervisor Sara Sutton and Media Technician Haley White view footage from the new California Missions program.
~ Media Developer Conan Palmer reviews the software that controls the panoramic projector system.
~ Medical Technician Haley White hosts the new program. She is shown visiting the Mission Santa Barbara.