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M. Green and Company wins annual Business and Children Award

2011 Business and Children Award winners
Each year since 2008, the Tulare County Council on Child & Youth Development (formerly the Tulare County Child Care Planning Council) has invited the public to nominate local businesses for the Business and Children Award. The honor was created to celebrate companies who have child-friendly business practices. Past winners have been companies whose management instituted policies to accommodate the schedules of mothers and fathers with young children. Several of the companies had even created special recreation facilities for children visiting their parents. Other businesses allowed employees to work from home or bring their children to work. For employees with older children, these firms often allowed parents to adjust their schedules so that they could participate in after-school and sports activities.

The winner of the 2011 Business and Children Award is M. Green and Company, Certified Public Accountants. Senior bookkeeper Zoanna Luth nominated her firm for the award. "My daughter was two years old when I started at M. Green, so she has literally grown up here," says Ms. Luth. "As a firm, they not only encourage parents to take time to be involved in their child's school and activities, they actually support them. They sponsor sports teams for our children, donate to extracurricular school activities, and they ask about our child's achievements in these areas." Ms. Luth reports that many of the firm's clients have taken note and commented on how nice it is that the firm supports parents with young children. "I've never had to miss a school play, dance recital, sporting event, cheer event, back-to-school night, field trip, or any other activity because they have always allowed the time off without hesitation," she adds.

During the Holiday season, M. Green supports Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Tulare County. They also sponsor children in need at Christmastime, buying clothes and toys especially for them.

For more information on the Business and Children Award, contact Tina Shirley, Tulare County Council on Child & Youth Development Coordinator at (559) 651-1723.

Photo above:
~ Zoanna Luth nominated her firm for the Tulare County Council on Child & Youth Development's Business and Children Award. Pictured with Ms. Luth (third from left) are M. Green and Company's Kent Jensen, Ken White, Kay Lampe, Kevin Green and Larry Ayers.