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Yokuts Exhibition premieres at the Tulare County Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture

Yokuts Exhibition This month, the Tulare County Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture premiered a new exhibition exploring the contributions to Tulare County agriculture made by Native Americans, specifically the Yokuts. The exhibition demonstrates how the Yokuts used the land long before modern agricultural practices were introduced to Tulare County. On display will be artifacts from daily life, including baskets, projectile points and a tule reed canoe. The exhibition will also feature an authentic-style hut made from tules and a recreated bedrock mortar for acorn grinding.

A video presentation, Yokuts: Tulare County's First Agricultural Producers, created by Sara Sutton and the staff at the Impact Center, is available in the Museum's Learning Center. The exhibition will remain at the Museum through April 2012. Teachers can schedule video showings and exhibition tours by calling museum curator Amy King at (559) 733-6616.