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Circle J offers stargazing for students, families

Astronomy Field Trips offered this fall include views of the moon, Milky Way and more

Circle J Stargazing
Above the lights of Tulare County cities and towns, students and families are invited to view some spectacular celestial objects as part of the astronomy field trip program at Circle J-Norris Ranch. Under the supervision of a team of local amateur astronomers, visitors learn to work the telescopes and guide them to view planets, star clusters and distant galaxies. Visitors also learn the ancient mythologies of the constellations and how to identify the stars that they contain.

Circle J-Norris Ranch is the beautiful 620-acre field trip site in the Sierra foothills that is part of the SCICON program. The program offers all grade levels a wide variety of field study experiences that enrich and extend classroom learning. Programs conducted on the property are designed to expand the appreciation of the environmental and aesthetic values of the outdoors, and increase understanding of the relationship between humans and nature.

"We are excited to expand our offerings of the popular astronomy program," said Circle J-Norris Ranch lead teacher Nancy Bruce. "This fall, our viewing includes the summer triangle, the Milky Way, star clusters and the Andromeda Galaxy. On certain nights, the moon, its craters, highlands and mare, are also visible."

To schedule an astronomy field trip at Circle J-Norris Ranch for your class or family, call lead teacher Nancy Bruce in advance at (559) 539-2263, or e-mail Programs begin promptly at 6:00 p.m.