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Impact Center offers holiday double feature
December 6 and 13

Impact Center holiday double feature
This month, the Impact Center will show four double features of its popular holiday shows Christmas Traditions Around the World and Mystery of the Christmas Star. Audiences will begin the double feature in the History Theater with a showing of Christmas Traditions Around the World. This perennial favorite of elementary-age students was reanimated and rescored last year from the original show produced by retired Impact Center supervisor Sam Peña. The show explores the different winter season traditions people across the globe celebrate at this time of the year.

Impact Center holiday double feature Viewers will then move into the planetarium for a showing of Mystery of the Christmas Star. This show investigates the possible dates for the birth of Christ and looks at the historical sightings of major astronomical events which so intrigued three wise men to cross a desert in search of a newborn King. Mystery of the Christmas Star is a charming program for audiences of all ages.

The double features will be held at 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. on two Fridays, December 6 and 13.

For ticket information, visit or call the Impact Center at (559) 737-6334.