2016 Tulare County Kids of Character

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Tulare County Students of Character

On Saturday, October 22, the Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register published a two-page ad highlighting the school representatives (one from each of the 139 schools submitted) chosen during the 2016 Kids of Character Week, October 17-22). Listed below are the descriptions written by the nominators for each of the 139 students.

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View the honorees and finalists in each pillar category celebrated at the 2016 Provident-Salierno Family Foundation Kids of Character Reception.

Isaac Hernandez
Alpaugh Elementary School, Alpaugh
nominated by Francisco Hernandez, Ricardo Gil
Nominators state, “Isaac is a caring and respectful young man who demonstrates both qualities throughout the day. Though he is a competitive soccer player, he knows that what matters most are his teammates. He always looks out for them and provides them with positive encouragement and peaceful ways to resolve issues. Isaac is a great asset to Alpaugh School!”
Victoria Reynoso
Cutler Elementary School, Cutler
nominated by Gloria Becerra-Parra
Nominator states, “Victoria is being recognized for the pillar of Responsibility. She shows concern for others and knows that her actions can have a positive effect on both herself and her family. In addition, Victoria is extremely smart and treats adults and her peers with respect.”
Daisy Sandoval
Dinuba High School, Dinuba
nominated by Brooke Ikuta-Bennett
Nominator states, “Daisy is a senior at Dinuba High School in the Tulare County Office of Education Special Day Class. Daisy participates in as many senior activities as she can. She helps sell popcorn for the Emperor Fusion Club, and last year was the top salesperson. She is well known on campus and in the community, and is liked by everyone who knows her.”
Isaac Lanson
Grand View Elementary School, Dinuba
nominated by Teresa Enns
Nominator states, “Isaac is an amazing young man. He is respectful toward everyone he comes in contact with. He cares about others' feelings and welfare. Isaac is a very good student, yet he is eager to learn from his teachers and fellow students. He respects himself and always does his best and values other people’s ideas and opinions. Isaac is a wonderful example to other kids and he has a wonderful rapport with the students and staff at Grand View School.”
Adam Valenzuela
Jefferson Elementary School, Dinuba
nominated by David Orosco
Nominator states, “Adam is an outstanding citizen at Jefferson Elementary. On a daily basis, Adam volunteers in the cafeteria helping to keep it clean and assisting the custodian. Recently, he was a hero within our community. Adam noticed a fire starting at a residential park and called the right people to contact the local fire department. Many houses and lives would have been in danger if it was not for the help from Adam Valenzuela, a true hero.”
Mahmoud Sulieman
John F. Kennedy Elementary School, Dinuba
nominated by Tayler Laemmlen
Nominator states, “Mahmoud showed trustworthiness by telling the truth, even when it was hard. Unfortunately, one day Mahmoud made a bad decision, but what made me see that he was trustworthy was that he confessed his bad decision, even though he was afraid and knew he would be in trouble. I was very proud of him for telling the truth.”
Anaia Melton
Lincoln Elementary School, Dinuba
nominated by Deanna Campbell
Nominator states, “Anaia takes on responsibilities in the classroom. She helps set up the computers and she helps students learn how to log into their AR accounts, since second graders are just learning how to do this. She helps students with their classroom assignments. Anaia also shows she is responsible by coming prepared for class and returning all of her homework and class work on time.”
Jaelyn Pinedo Souvannarack
Roosevelt Elementary School, Dinuba
nominated by Ashley Roberts
Nominator states, “Jaelyn works hard in everything that she does, and is always willing to support other students by helping them, or encouraging them in their successes. She is honest about her work, and always does as she says she will.”
Jesse Cazares
Sierra Vista High School, Dinuba
nominated by Linda Danner
Nominator states, “I nominate my student Jesse Cazares for Trustworthiness. Jesse is a very trustworthy young man. Jesse is a 12th grader here at Sierra Vista High School. He shows honesty in how he treats his classroom and the technology we use in our classroom activities. Jesse uses resources in our classroom with care and is aware when something isn't in its proper place. I believe Jesse has a very bright future. Thank you, Jesse.”
Andrew Santana
Washington Intermediate School, Dinuba
nominated by Linda Yan
Nominator states, “Andrew is actively involved in school events with the leadership class, and helps not just teachers, but also students when he sees the need. He always demonstrates kindness toward others. Andrew will be a really good role model to other students in Washington Intermediate School.”
Roman Lopez Aguilera
Alila School, Earlimart
nominated by Robin Blevins
Nominator states, “Roman is an exceptionally caring student. He is continually looking out for his fellow classmates. He gets worried if students are having problems and lets me know if someone is upset. Not only does Roman care about his classmates, but cares about others in general. Roman is such a good sweet boy and is very deserving of this award.”
Alissa Sanchez
Earlimart Elementary School, Earlimart
nominated by Michelle Saunders
Nominator states, “Alissa is a very caring student. She comes in every morning before the bell rings and helps take down chairs from the desks. She helps out her classmates in any way she can. Alisssa is a very kind sweet girl and always has a smile on her face. It is a joy to have her in my class and I am very excited to see what the future will bring to Alissa. Great job, Alissa!”
Monseratt Castillo-Jacques
Earlimart Middle School, Earlimart
nominated by Ruth Ayala
Nominator states, “Monseratt comes to school prepared and ready to learn each day. She always gives 100% effort in each assignment she does and makes sure to check with me if her work is correct. She is able to effectively balance both her school work and being a player on the volleyball team. She is a very responsible student who I have the pleasure of teaching each day.”
Magaly Huerta
Lincoln Elementary School, Exeter
nominated by Casey Munger
Nominator states, “Magaly was chosen by her peers for Character Counts. She possesses all six pillars of character. As stated in her classmates’ nomination letters, she is trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring, and an outstanding citizen. Magaly is an outstanding student and an absolute joy to have in the classroom. I am so proud her. She is a natural, caring leader that I see changing the world one day!”
Pablo Magana
Rocky Hill Elementary School, Exeter
nominated by Caitlin Scaife
Nominator states, “Pablo has quickly become a model student! He is quick to greet classmates and teachers alike each morning, follows all classroom routines and expectations without being told, shows great respect for school and classroom resources, gives 100% effort to every task, communicates his needs, and shows kindness and respect to everyone he encounters. Pablo is the kind of student that every teacher wants. Pablo's natural sense of citizenship will take him far!”
Luke Nelson
Sierra View Junior Academy, Exeter
nominated by Daniel Moor
Nominator states, “Luke always can be counted on to fulfill what he says he will do. Not only will it be done well, it will be done quickly and cheerfully. Great job, Luke!”
Winter Kirk
Wilson Middle School, Exeter
nominated by Bonnie Hayhurst
Nominator states, “Winter was seen staying back in PE during a timed race to encourage another student who had developed a pain in the side. Winter stayed with that student and talked her through the rest of the run. Outstanding, Winter!”
Raymond Paramo
Farmersville High School, Farmersville
nominated by Fabian Acevedo
Nominator states, “Raymond has invested many hours of hard work to be a great example of a student athlete. He has maintained a 3.85 GPA or higher while also excelling in his sport. Well done, Raymond !”
Emily Gutierrez
Freedom Elementary School, Farmersville
nominated by Mrs. Thomas
Nominator states, “Emily Gutierrez is a very special student. She participates, does her share in the classroom and is a model student. She helps in our classroom and models to others how to act. She is an amazing helper at home, and I know helps around the house like she helps in our classroom."
Valerie Valencia
George L. Snowden School, Farmersville
nominated by Alexandra Diaz
Nominator states, “Valerie is truly a student with a golden heart. She has been very generous and kind to others. Valerie is also extremely helpful in the classroom. She is the one who makes sure all of the computers are ready for students to use for the day. Valerie is always willing to lend a helping hand.”
Noemi Santiago
J.E. Hester School, Farmersville
nominated by Michelle Plantenberg
Nominator states, “Noemi Santiago is a role model kindergarten student at J.E. Hester Elementary School in Farmersville. She is a kind and caring friend and is very helpful in class. Noemi loves to come to school. She always has a smile on her face and she has a very positive attitude. She is a very responsible, honest, kind, and respectful student. It is a pleasure to have a role model citizen like Noemi Santiago in my kindergarten class.”
Alex Valencia
Ivanhoe Elementary School, Ivanhoe
nominated by Jeff Housman
Nominator states, “Alex Valencia displays outstanding citizenship in many ways. He is our student council president and a star on both our football and basketball teams. Alex has a great sense of pride in the work he does, and in our school as a whole. He always makes his best effort, and is sure to complete whatever he is asked to do. Alex is a great asset to our classroom and our entire school as well.”
Daniel Barrios
Kings River Union School, Kingsburg
nominated by Jenniffer Hosler
Nominator states, “Daniel Barrios deserves recognition for the character trait of responsibility because he is an example of this trait every day. Daniel shows responsibility for his own learning by being prepared for class, and by putting in that extra effort that will help him achieve at a high level on all of his assignments. Daniel cares about the school and works to make sure that he is doing his part to make the school a great place to learn.”
Addison McNulty
Sequoia Union School, Lemon Cove
nominated by Rhonda Finfrock
Nominator states, “It is an honor to nominate Addison McNulty, for the Kids of Character Award for her outstanding citizenship at home, at school, and in her community. At home, Addison spends time working on her family's ranch, riding horses and gathering up the cattle. She is an excellent role model to all my students. She shows up each day ready to work and succeed. In a humble and helpful way, she assists other students with organization and curriculum without being asked.”
Roselyn Gloria
Jefferson Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Nabid Ceballos
Nominator states, “Caring is the bedrock quality for a person of good character. It’s about living by the Golden Rule, being compassionate and showing concern for others. Roselyn is a caring young lady and is always willing to lend a helping hand.”
John Santiago
Kennedy Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Joe Dixon
Nominator states, “I would like to recognize John Santiago for the character trait of Respect. John is a fantastic young man who models doing the right thing. Being a seventh grader can often bring enormous peer pressure to NOT be respectful to the teacher in a class of 30 or so. He believes in himself and sets an example of becoming a respectful young adult to his peers. They respect him and he provides positive student leadership for them to follow.”
Madison Denni
Lincoln Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Laura Cortes
Nominator states, “When it comes to treating others the way you want to be treated, Madison Denni comes to mind. She genuinely cares about others and their needs. She is very polite and tolerant. When she approaches me, she always makes sure I have time to talk to her because she wants to discuss a concern. Madison leads by example with her respectful behavior, but also with her soft yet firm politeness.”
Brandon Castillo
Reagan Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Alicia Parnell
Nominator states, “Brandon shows his caring personality to both his Learning Facilitators, as well as his classmates. Brandon is always the first one to lend a helping hand whenever a peer has a problem with their electronic device. A person can always count on Brandon to graciously hold open the door to let others pass through the hall entry way or when heading out to eat lunch. Every teacher would be honored to have a student like Brandon in their classroom.”
Jose Rangel
Roosevelt Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Shasta Young
Nominator states, “Jose Angel Rangel has demonstrated fairness while on the playground. He is always willing to help others and demonstrate the proper use/rules of our playground equipment. He reminds others to walk while on the tower, to take turns going down the slide, and to include all learners while playing tag. He is an excited and well-mannered individual who is always seeking further ways to promote safety while helping out as a student safety monitor on our playground.”
Estefani Ponce
Washington Elementary School, Lindsay
nominated by Gayla Nikkel
Nominator states, “Estefani is one of the top students in 8th grade. She is kind, generous, helpful and CARING in all areas of her life. She keeps high standards for herself and classwork. She is never too busy to help another student. Her classmates appreciate her openness to share her knowledge and give a helping hand. She is always pleasant, happy and ready to learn. CARING is a wonderful quality that she reveals every day.”
Miguel Nunez Aguilar
El Monte Middle School, Orosi
nominated by Thomas Price
Nominator states, “Responsibility is one of the most valued traits of personal character. It includes such qualities as accountability, perseverance and setting a good example for others. Miguel has set a good example for being responsible by properly caring for our school’s resources.”
Heidi Martinez
Golden Valley Elementary School, Orosi
nominated by Javier Hurtado
Nominator states, “Heidi is always going out of her way to help students. She is very caring and compassionate. No wonder all the students really like her.”
Andrea Guerrero
Orosi High School, Orosi
nominated by Shana Duke
Nominator states, “Andrea Guerrero has exemplified the characteristics of someone who demonstrates respect. She is a member of Link Crew, which helps Freshmen transition to high school. Andrea is also incredibly helpful, and respects the needs of her peers. She knows how to appropriately encourage others, while acknowledging that they may not wish to seek help. Andrea knows right from wrong and is always willing to stand up for others.”
Xavier Juarez
Palm Elementary School, Orosi
nominated by Carol Montag
Nominator states, “Xavier is an example of citizenship in class. He lets me know when I need to address certain students in a timely manner. He is helpful in helping others solve problems with others. He enjoys helping his classmates understand math. He has a great attitude and is fully engaged in class.”
Joshua De Avila
Pixley Elementary School, Pixley
nominated by Shelley Heeger
Nominator states, “Joshua is a very caring student. He is the first one to comfort and help a friend. Joshua also makes sure the door to the classroom is shut and the kindergarten playground gate is secure. He is such a thoughtful and caring boy and only in transitional kindergarten.”
Abel Galindo
Pixley Middle School, Pixley
nominated by Sandra Chavez
Nominator states, “Abel is a great student in all of his classes. He really impressed me one day when we went to the library. He gave up the book he was going to get to help one of his classmates who couldn't find anything they wanted. Abel pays attention to his classmates and teachers, and he does what he can to help out.”
Giovanni Trujillo
Pleasant View Elementary School, Poplar
nominated by Sylvia Alvarado
Nominator states, “Giovanni Trujillo has shown lots of caring toward his classmates. He cares about students who cry when they do not know how to do the class work and students who get hurt outside during recess. He pats their back making them feel better. If a student is hurt, he runs to get help. When someone sneezes, he always says 'bless you'. When someone gives him something whether it is a student or adult, he always says 'thank you'.”
Jakelin Andrade
Alta Vista School, Porterville
nominated by Vanessa Reilly
Nominator states, “Jakelin has been at every parent involvement function we have had on campus this year. She has given of her time before and after school to make signs welcoming opposing teams on game day. She has arrived early to help parents fill out surveys to help improve our campus. She is bilingual and uses her ability to assist parents in translating. Jakelin is an asset on the campus. She is always willing and able to help make activities run smoothly.”
Marcela Escarzaga Moran
Belleview Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Diana Perry
Nominator states, “Marcela is a very helpful student to both her teacher and her classmates. She arrives early each morning to help set up the Breakfast in the Classroom for her classmates. She takes pride in her work, as well as the appearance of the classroom and school grounds. She is active in her church, and recently danced with her Mom at a church cultural performance.”
Yasmin Perez
Burton Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Donald Ramey
Nominator states, “Yasmin is very dedicated to every part of her education. She understands the importance of the connection between success in the classroom and success in life. She makes the whole classroom a better place with her responsible choices. The other students look to her as a role model.”
Mireida Zepeda
Burton Middle School, Porterville
nominated by Leandra Cardenas
Nominator states, “I would like to nominate Mireida Zepeda for Caring. Mireida is an exemplary student who is consistently upholding the social contract of the classroom and does her best to demonstrate care for her peers, her teachers, and herself. Mireida is quick to help a peer who may be struggling with a task by offering to provide support. Mireida is a student who demonstrates the pillar of caring in all that she does and is deserving of recognition.”
Jennifer Lewing
Butterfield Charter High School, Porterville
nominated by Mia Skinner
Nominator states, “Jenna is working very hard to complete her senior year. Her goal is to graduate by December. I have faith that she can accomplish this goal. If she tells me that she will do something, I can count on the fact that she will do that. She demonstrates the character trait of Trustworthiness every time she makes a promise. I am proud to nominate her as a kid of character.”
Maggie Santos
Granite Hills High School, Porterville
nominated by Rich Lambie
Nominator states, “Maggie was involved in a game this year that showed her great character. The score was 15 -16 when the ball was hit and went out of bounds. The referee was out of position and called the play a replay. When asked if she touched the ball, meaning her team would lose, she said, "yes". Pursuing Victory With Honor does matter in our GHHS volleyball program! No losers in that game.”
Emelee Silva
Hope School, Porterville
nominated by Casey Rangel
Nominator states, “Emelee Silva is a student/athlete who embodies Victory With Honor in all sports in our Citrus League. She is a team player who looks to make others feel wanted, and is concerned for her teammates. She is a student who deserves to be acknowledged for personal growth and commitment to excellence. She is setting herself up for success, and I can't wait until the day I get to say ‘I was her teacher!’"
Yennifer Moreno
John J. Doyle Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Lulu Baca
Nominator states, “Yennifer Moreno merits recognition for citizenship for various things. She applies herself in all areas in and out of the classroom. She helps her peers without hesitation. She is well-respected and well-liked by students and staff. In addition, she recently was voted John J. Doyle's Student Council President! That is a well-deserved title! Yennifer works very hard and does a fine job demonstrating the Six Pillars of Character!”
Ignacio Tapia
Los Robles Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Marie Casao
Nominator states, “Ignacio has always been a kindhearted student, and most especially when he is working with younger students. He always has a smile on his face as he recounts his experiences in working with the Kindergartners during the after school program. He is also always willing to lend a helpful hand to his group-mates in class, as well as helping me when he finishes a task early. He really exemplifies what it means to be ‘Caring.’”
Casey Beyerbach
Monache High School, Porterville
nominated by Jake Winter
Nominator states, “Casey Beyerbach is a young man who cares for others. He not only opens the door, asks to carry your things, and offers to help, but he will also ask how your day is going. He will remember something that was said or done a few days previous and bring it up to check and make sure you're doing okay.”
Jayden Vasquez
Monte Vista Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Barbara Loehner
Nominator states, “Jayden believes in what Dr. Martin Luther King said: "People should be judged, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." This is why Jayden was chosen for the pillar of Fairness. He thinks we should all be treated with fairness and with justice.”
Zane Staley
Oak Grove Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Paige Boyd
Nominator states, “This amazing young man of character not only demonstrates his caring through hugs and well wishes for his teacher, Zane volunteers to be a line buddy for one partner in our class who needs a little extra help at recess and lunch time. He is also the first to give his help and time to get a classmate to the nurse after a spill on the playground, or show a student around an unfamiliar part of campus.”
Alfredo Ceballos
Olive Street Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Monica Holt
Nominator states, “Alfredo is a role model student for the pillar of fairness. Alfredo is always making sure everyone in class is doing their share of work. Whether it's transitioning, preparing for a project, or cleaning up at the end of the day, Alfredo makes sure everyone does their part and nobody is left out. He also has this same attitude during recess and P.E. He makes sure everyone does their part so things run smoothly and everyone is happy.”
Alondra Arroyo Rico
Pioneer Middle School, Porterville
nominated by Juanita Campos, Jose Correa
Nominators state, “Alondra has been a very responsible student since the beginning of the school year. She is a great role model for all her classmates. All her assignments are turned in on time, and they are well done. She takes ownership over her learning and tries to go beyond every single time she is working on any project. Her enthusiasm about learning is contagious in the classroom and she is definitively a wonderful student.”
Myranda Ledesma
Porterville High School, Porterville
nominated by Vanessa Reilly
Nominator states, “Myranda Ledesma was my go-to girl when she attended Alta Vista. She was a student there and graduated in 2016. She was right there whenever any staff member needed help. She worked hard to help bridge the relationship gap between school and home by participating in parent morning breakfasts at Alta Vista and our box top collections. She was also a team captain for sports for 3 years.”
Aliyah Ortiz
Roche Avenue Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Claudia Medrano
Nominator states, “Aliyah Ortiz is always someone I trust to tell me the truth about issues going on in the class. I usually ask her how the students behaved with any substitute teacher and she replies in an honest way. I usually have her help any subs in my class because I know she will follow the rules and procedures in class.”
Grace Gonzalez
Santa Fe Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Alicia Macomber
Nominator states, “Grace has the biggest, brightest smile of anyone you will ever meet. She is a joy to teach and be around. Grace is always in a great mood and never seems discouraged, even when the task or problem is difficult. She always uses her manners and the pleases and thank-yous make my day a little extra pleasant. She is genuine, happy, helpful, and hard-working. Grace is an ideal student of character.”
Rylee Medina
Summit Charter Academy Mathew Campus, Porterville
nominated by Ms. Manning
Nominator states, “Rylee truly exemplifies the pillar of trustworthiness. She is always honest with her peers and she always keeps her promise. If Rylee says she is going to do something, she will do it. When she sets her mind to do a good deed for a friend, she completes that act. When Rylee is in a situation, whether good or bad, she always tells the truth.”
Caren Chavez
Summit Charter Collegiate Academy, Porterville
nominated by Garrett Thomas
Nominator states, “Caren is a student in my Graphic Design class and College and Careers class. She always participates in class and has insightful comments that spark great classroom discussions. One day, Caren wasn't feeling well in class and I asked her if she'd like to go up to the office to call home. She let me know that since the time she was a kindergartner, she has not missed a day of school in her 10 years of education, therefore, going home was not an option.”
Adrian Alcantar
Vandalia Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Carolyn Arthur
Nominator states, “Adrian is fair to all students, both in the classroom and on the playground. He calmly and patiently waits his turn. He does not push and shove his way, even when crowded by other students. He is a gracious and kind young man, thinking of others first.”
Kenny Castro
West Putnam Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Veronica Aldaco
Nominator states, “Kenny is a scholar-athlete who always follows school and classroom rules. His teammates admire the fact that he allows everyone to join in any game, and he also readily shares any sports equipment he may bring from home. He never argues about bending the rules to his or anyone's advantage. By demonstrating that we should include everyone who would like to play, he sets a great example for all of his peers.”
Chevy Biber
Westfield Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Patricia Guzman
Nominator states, “Chevy exemplifies the pillar of caring every day. She wears the biggest smile you have ever seen. She is always concerned about her friends and thinks of ways to cheer them up. She is kind and sweet to everyone around her. If someone drops their crayons, she is the first one to rush over and help. If someone gets hurt, she offers to walk them to the office. This is a good example of why I nominated Chevy for the caring pillar of character.”
Faith Ann Baddu
William R. Buckley Elementary School, Porterville
nominated by Jef Edwards
Nominator states, “Faith Ann shows respect in many ways. She respects me by always showing that she is ready to pay attention. Faith Ann respectfully listens during instructions. The way she does not have side conversations or get distracted easily and works quietly really shows how much she treats her classmates with respect, too. She greets me every morning with very respectful manners. We are fortunate to have a student like Faith Ann in our class to model respect so well!”
Mickael Garcia
Richgrove School, Richgrove
nominated by Celia Murguia
Nominator states, “I would like to recognize Mickael Garcia. The pillar that most exemplifies Mickael is Caring. He is a very helpful student in class. He helps his classmates whenever he is done with his work. He goes around the classroom making sure the other students have their names on their papers. One thing that I really love about Mickael is that he is very honest and practices integrity with me, even though he knows there may be a consequence.”
Deegan Bledsaw
Springville Union School, Springville
nominated by Robin Brice
Nominator states, “Deegan is excellent at working on group activities and helping others. He is helpful and kind with the other students. Many times I saw him help others that were frustrated. He got them to calm down and helped them understand how to do their work. Great job, Deegan!”
Audrey Garcia
Harmony Magnet Academy, Strathmore
nominated by Erik Santos, Patricia Duvet
Nominators state, “Audrey is an outstanding citizen of the Porterville community. She is the president of HMA's Key Club, a community service-based organization. Audrey does a lot in her capacity, but above all she leads by serving others. She is found at almost all club community service projects, helps organize and get interest from other members and has a genuine heart to serve others. Audrey Garcia has my highest recommendation for Citizenship.”
Janessa Sierra
Strathmore Elementary School, Strathmore
nominated by Lilia Andrade-Pena
Nominator states, “Janessa is always ready for anything that comes her way. In class, she’s always attentive and ready to participate. Janessa is a great listener; she not only demonstrates this during a lesson, but also during partner or group work. She always comes prepared with the right attitude to learn and have fun while doing it.”
Jhonathan Brambila
Strathmore Middle School, Strathmore
nominated by Janelle Notturno
Nominator states, “I choose Jhonathan for the pillar of Trustworthiness. Jhonathan is always honest no matter what the circumstances may be. He does not cheat, steal, and or deceive. He lives by his conduct of being trustworthy to all of his friends and classmates in school. I wish more students were as trustworthy as Jhonathan.”
Marysol Luna
Sunnyside Union School, Strathmore
nominated by Dawn Snell
Nominator states, “Marysol is a person who possesses the character trait of Responsibility. Marysol is a very sweet and kind person who always tries her best. She is also very attentive and always has a smile for me and is happy to do what she has to do.”
Emylee Carlin
Monson-Sultana School, Sultana
nominated by Stephen Miller
Nominator states, “I am nominating Emylee for the pillar of Caring because of her actions in the classroom, outside of the classroom, and for her extra work in the Sixth Grade Enchilada dinner. The sixth grade class hosts an enchilada dinner as a fundraiser during Open House night. The students are required to work one 30-minute shift, but Emylee volunteered several shifts and I received several compliments on her friendly attitude and helpfulness.”
Brandon Huntington
Three Rivers Union School, Three Rivers
nominated by Jami Beck
Nominator states, “Brandon was not able to attend SCICON this year and as a result he was able to help in my classroom. It was such a pleasure having Brandon in my class. He did not hesitate to help my young students with their work. Also, he did not hesitate to help me get certain jobs done. He set a great example for my students to follow. He truly helped his school community.”
Oscar Ochoa
Tipton School, Tipton
nominated by Kendra Barker-Lunn
Nominator states, “During lunch time in the cafeteria, a trash can fell over; food and trash spilled out. When everyone else was laughing and hurrying to go out to recess, Oscar rushed to help me pick up the mess. He insisted on sweeping and mopping the messy lunches on the floor. At that moment, Oscar didn't care about his recess. He cared about helping clean up a mess he didn't make.”
Jose Ruvalcaba
Traver School, Traver
nominated by Linda Navarro
Nominator states, “Jose is a great student and always goes out of his way to say 'good morning', 'good afternoon', 'please' and 'thank you'. He is always offering to help with anything he can. If you need help with something just ask Jose. He is always more than happy to help with a smile. He is just an all-around awesome kid with great manners.”
Alyssa Gutierrez
Accelerated Charter High School, Tulare
nominated by Sara Zakarian
Nominator states, “Alyssa is a positive, outgoing, young lady. From the very first day of school, she took on a leadership role at ACHS. She always goes above and beyond in the classroom and on campus. For example, she helps us in the office during multiple class periods and always takes initiative when completing tasks. In the classroom, she does her assignments until they are complete and done well. She always participates in class discussions and helps to create a positive learning environment. Alyssa is responsible, trustworthy, and truly demonstrates her excellent character on a daily basis.”
Jorge Sanchez
Alice G. Mulcahy Middle School, Tulare
nominated by Melody Azevedo, Kari Landers
Nominators state, “Jorge is a very respectful young man. He comes to class ready to learn each day with a smile on his face. He always makes sure to greet educators as he walks through the door. He is kind to others and shows his peers great respect. He is helpful in class and is always willing to offer his assistance in any way possible. Jorge is an excellent example of the pillar of respect.”
Braxton Wininger
Alpine Vista School, Tulare
nominated by Amy Mendes
Nominator states, “Braxton Wininger is an all-around Character Counts Kid! I feel that he could be nominated for all pillars, but caring is what stands out to me the most! I also believe that being a caring and kind person is the most important thing to him, as well. He always thinks of others and makes sure they feel included and good about themselves. I know his caring heart and attitude will make a mark on the world!”
Blake Beltran
Cherry Avenue Middle School, Tulare
nominated by Ryan Turner
Nominator states, “There are some students who just have something special. Blake is that young man. He’s a young man that I have watched stick up for other students, told his own group of friends to knock it off when they weren’t acting in appropriate ways, and reached out to students who were 'outsiders' and treated them with great respect. It is with full confidence that I recommend Blake Beltran to be honored for the pillar of Caring for National Character Counts Week!”
Noah Gregg
Community Based Instruction I, Tulare
nominated by Kelley Petty
Nominators state, “Noah exhibits the Pillar of Citizenship by volunteering at the Tulare County CC! Fair Booth. He is very responsible every single day, and follows the Six Pillars to the very best of his ability, both in class, at work, and in the community.”
Steven Tarin
Community Based Instruction II, Tulare
nominated by Kelley Petty, Cheryl Simmon
Nominators state, “Steven exhibits the Pillar of Citizenship by volunteering at the Tulare County CC! Fair Booth. Steven is very trustworthy. He is reliable and loyal. His family, peers and teachers can always count on him.”
Aubrey Alexander
Countryside High School, Tulare
nominated by Elizabeth Castaneda
Nominator states, “Aubrey is fair and treats her peers and staff with respect. When she is a witness to it, Aubrey will let others know when they have mistreated others by kindly pointing out what was done (put-downs, name calling, teasing, etc.). Way to go, Aubrey.”
Mya Rodriguez
Cypress Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Michelle Perryman
Nominator states, “Mya demonstrates fairness by her willingness to treat everyone equally. She often helps others on the playground when they are having a dispute. Mya is honest and plays by the rules, so other students will look to her to help solve problems. She is willing to listen to others and gets the facts before she gives her opinion on the matter. She always tries to see the other person’s side and wants to be fair when helping.”
Lola Davis
Frank Kohn Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Mrs. Baladakis
Nominator states, “Lola demonstrates the pillar of Citizenship by doing her part in school activities and at home. She participates in Stages at the Encore Theater. She also ran for 3rd Grade Representative. During the Student Body Elections, Lola created and posted posters, as well as giving a short speech to fellow students, parents, and faculty.”
Chaos Quintana
Garden Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by James Lee
Nominator states, “Chaos is the type of student that respects people a lot and in so doing, shows maximum fairness in his endeavors throughout the day. He shares equally, helps others and invites other people to join him in his activities. He does this in a way that almost always includes everyone interested in joining. He has true leadership qualities that make everyone feel welcome and fairly treated.”
Malakai Rodriguez
Heritage Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Jillian Hanson
Nominator states, “Malakai is widely known as a caring student, but it was an event recently that made me realize exactly how caring this young man is. We have a character chart in the classroom, and students can clip onto the different character traits if they are 'caught' showing character. Malakai was recognized for sitting with another student who is often alone during cafeteria breakfast. I am exceptionally proud of Malakai for his caring attitude toward others.”
Chloe Porter
Liberty School, Tulare
nominated by Erika Martinez
Nominator states, “Chloe looks for ways to help our school every day. She takes time out of her recess to pick up trash and make our campus a nicer place to go to school. Chloe is a team player and finds ways to help her classmates succeed. She is a perfect example for good citizenship.”
Jesus Mosqueda
Lincoln Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Jolee Maffia
Nominator states, “Jesus is amazing! He is the student I can always trust to do anything asked of him, and a whole lot more. Jesus is kind and helpful to other students. After finishing his work and before coming to me to receive his sticker, he checks to make sure his table mates are working successfully. If they are not, he always offers help! I am thankful for the opportunity to be his teacher!”
Kaylee Bento
Live Oak Middle School, Tulare
nominated by Danielle Perryman
Nominator states, “Kaylee is one of the most responsible young ladies I've ever met. She totally took on asking questions about math homework by emailing me on her google account when she started having a little trouble. I was able to cover things in class better knowing her questions. I cannot be more proud of Kaylee. She is happy and adjusting well to Live Oak. She is confident and working very hard. She is really quite the role model for other students.”
Izaiah Ruiz
Los Tules Middle School, Tulare
nominated by Suzanne Senn
Nominator states, “Izaiah is an exemplary student, brother, son, and community member. He loves his fellow students and shows great respect for all staff. Not only is Izaiah involved in student leadership at Los Tules, he is also an invaluable office aide. When he has a spare minute at school, Izaiah can be found finishing homework and/or helping a staff member. We have no doubt that great things are in store for Izaiah in his future!”
Jocelyne Briseno
Maple Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Connie Munoz
Nominator states, “Jocelyne is an excellent example of the pillar of caring. She is always helping students in the classroom, and she is very kind. Jocelyne is also caring out on the playground. If someone does not have a friend to play with, she will step in and invite that student to play with her. I am honored to nominate Jocelyne.”
Aubrey Cardoza
Mission Oak High School, Tulare
nominated by Dave Caetano, Michelle Cardoza, Shay Williams-Hopper
Nominators state, “Aubrey is truly a very caring and compassionate student. She is also one of the kindest and most gracious people you will ever meet. I marvel at how she has the distinctive ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. She has the ability to make everyone she works with feel special. Her natural God-given ability to work with people, as well as the way she cares for every person she comes in contact with, makes Aubrey powerfully deserving of this award.”
Santiago Villarreal
Mission Valley Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by David Keller
Nominator states, “Santiago always does what he is supposed to do in class. A few days ago he found three tickets for the SCICON dinner that another student had left lying around. I was not at all surprised that he brought them to me so I could get them back to the student who lost them. Other students know they can trust Santiago to be a good friend and treat them well.”
Nathali Perez
Oak Valley Union School, Tulare
nominated by Janelle Simoes
Nominator states, “Nathali is a student that demonstrates caring daily at our school. She doesn't want anyone to be sad or feel left out of a game or activity. Nathali will give a hug or word of encouragement whenever she knows someone is having a difficult day. She also shares or gives away her own pencils, erasers, and other school items to students that have lost theirs. We are so proud of you and the way you represent the Pillar of Caring at our school!”
Brandon Hernandez
Palo Verde Union School, Tulare
nominated by Lucy Dominguez, Jack Kitaoka
Nominators state, “Brandon is a responsible young man who takes great pride in his academics. He faithfully came to school early for an entire school year for an ELA intervention. He showed up each morning with a smile on his face and a willingness to learn. The time and effort were rewarding for him because he scored exceptionally high on his end-of-the-year assessments. Great job, Brandon!”
Daniel Fuentes
Pleasant Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Rhonda Sousa
Nominator states, “Daniel is such a kind and compassionate student. We have a student with special needs (wheelchair) in our class and Daniel always makes sure he is taken care of. He wheels him around to centers and opens the door for him. He makes sure this student has a pencil and will go get materials for him. I can't always monitor when he needs assistance, and Daniel is right there to help me out. He is an extremely sweet and caring boy.”
Vanessa Villa
Roosevelt Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Diane Nolan
Nominator states, “Vanessa is an excellent example of a student that demonstrates good citizenship. She is quick to help out at school. She is always doing more than her share during the school day. Great job, Vanessa!"
Jessie Lara
Sierra Vista High School, Tulare
nominated by Tammy Aldaco
Nominator states, “Jessie is a junior at Sierra Vista Charter High School. She has faced many challenges, but has persevered and become very successful in school this past year. Jessie is now working in our front office for 3.5 hours a day. She is always here and on time, never hesitates when given a new task, maintains a smile on her face when dealing with students, parents or staff, and I know I can depend on her to complete all of the work that is given to her.”
Tanner Mederos
St. Aloysius School, Tulare
nominated by Shay Williams-Hopper
Nominator states, “Tanner is always willing to help other kids understand about the world around them. He has on numerous occasions helped my son, who is 5, with tasks that he couldn't complete on his own. He is quick to help and be friendly. Great job, Tanner!”
Abby Garcia
Sundale Union School, Tulare
nominated by Kimberlie Tyler
Nominator states, “Abby has been heavily involved with her school and her community for the past 3 years. Not only has she been a part of raising over $60,000 for Kid’s Day, she has been on the ground level of creating a Bully Awareness Committee at her school. She also is always eager to volunteer at school or in the community whenever the opportunity presents itself!”
Gabriella Gonzalez Ruiz
Tulare Tech Prep High School, Tulare
nominated by Amanda Olguin, Saul Ruiz, Charles Defevere
Nominators state, “Gabby is studious, is self-driven, positive, and humble. She always comes into class with a great attitude and does not waste any time getting to work. It is amazing to see her come straight in, sit right down, and get to work without ever needing to be told what to do! She is self-reliant and very proactive. Gabby is an easygoing, respectful, young lady, and it is with great pleasure I nominate her for the Pillar of Responsibility!”
Shelby Keen
Tulare Union High School, Tulare
nominated by Shay Williams-Hopper
Nominator states, “Shelby is the student in charge in the market sheep barn because she is by far the most trustworthy student out there. I can call her and she will take care of any issues in the barn, no questions asked. I depend on her as my TA as well to make sure that copies are made, labs are cleaned, and any other items I need are addressed. I appreciate this young lady beyond belief.”
Caleb Gomes
Tulare Western High School, Tulare
nominated by Katherine Nunes
Nominator states, “Caleb is an all-around awesome student. He is involved in ASB and band here at Tulare Western where he works hard to makes a difference on campus. He also does things in the community, mainly musically-based, to make a difference in our town and to benefit organizations. Caleb is very intelligent and focused. He follows rules and takes it one step further to not only oblige by the set rules, but also follows his own moral and ethical standards.”
Joseph Machado
Waukena School, Tulare
nominated by Melinda Mills
Nominator states, “Joseph is an active young man, in and out of school. At school he helps out in any way asked of him, getting the sports equipment ready or managing a group of his classmates in a class lab. He plays on a travel soccer team and on the Junior Olympics Water Polo team. On the days Joseph does not have practice or homework, he helps his dad out working on their dairy. I expect Joseph will continue to be active in the community and will be leader in high school and beyond.”
Jovani Barajas
Wilson Elementary School, Tulare
nominated by Tritia Hirayama
Nominator states, “Jovani is a good example of a student who cares. Jovani cares first and foremost about his family. He makes sure to help them when they need it. He then takes care of himself by making sure he is always prepared. Lastly, he cares about his friends. He wants to make sure that he helps them out. Great job, Jovani!”
Logan Gutierrez
Annie R. Mitchell Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Israel Miranda
Nominator states, “Logan recognizes that we have different backgrounds, abilities, and attributes. He never insults or makes fun of others who are different. Logan is a respectful person and will never bully, harass, or isolate another person. He demonstrates respect to his teacher everyday by listening carefully and following directions. He a great asset to our class. We need more boys like him to be true role models. I appreciate all his hard work and his family's support! Thanks!”
Erin Bogle
Community Based Instruction-COS, Visalia
nominated by Shirley Gowett
Nominator states, “Erin is a kind, caring individual who is quick to help anyone in need. She is generous with her time and resources, always thinking of her peers first. It is a pleasure to have Erin in the classroom because I know all students will be welcomed warmly when Erin is present. She is the very essence of caring.”
Emmanuel Elizarraraz
Conyer Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Dayna Crandall
Nominator states, “Emmanuel is being recognized for responsibility. He is always displaying all of the behaviors that exemplify our school's expectations for behavior. Every day he displays a positive attitude, supporting all the students in our class, on his team and everywhere on campus. He is responsible for his academic achievement by always doing the best job that he can. Emmanuel is a model of maturity and responsibility with a sincerity and genuineness that we all admire.”
Taylor Shaw
Cottonwood Creek Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Amy Awbrey
Nominator states, “Taylor is one of the most responsible 6th grade students I know! She is always on task and gives 100% in all that she does. Taylor consistently sets a strong example for other students. She frequently takes the time to help students that might be struggling and takes the initiative to find an acceptable alternative when work is completed early. She often has offered to help in other areas of school as well, such as additional work at home.”
Sidney Yanez
Crestwood Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Traci Hunzeker
Nominator states, “Sidney is respectful to students, staff, and her education. Her respect for her peers can be seen in her big heart that intuitively knows when someone needs help or a friend. Her respect of staff makes her trustworthy and able to be depended on, and her respect of her education motivates her to strive in class. She brings her wonderful smile to our school and goes about humbly treating others kindly every day, not expecting anything in return.”
Nolan Montgomery
El Diamante High School, Visalia
nominated by Melissa Garcia
Nominator states, “Respect is a value we focus on developing in our students at El Diamante. Nolan Montgomery exemplifies this characteristic daily. He serves as a role model not only to students on our campus but to youth in our community. Nolan has focused on his academics throughout his four years at El Diamante, challenging himself with a rigorous course pattern including several Advance Placement courses. In addition he has contributed to EDHS as a student athlete, being captain in football and soccer and a member of the baseball team.”
Eli Hagen
Elbow Creek Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Mrs. Long
Nominator states, “Eli works well with his table group, and he is a great helper when one of his peers needs help. He doesn't just tell the answer, he will coach them and give them clues because that is the way he wants to be treated. Eli says that growing your brain is an everyday event, and that friends make it fun.”
Miguel Matamoros
Fairview Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Annette Dudley
Nominator states, “Miguel is respectful to adults as well as to his peers. He demonstrates good manners at all times. Miguel is considerate of others. He will go with other student’s choice of play activities at recess instead of his own, and always waits for his turn to speak.”
Rheannan Shipman
Four Creeks Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Sheila Winton
Nominator states, “Rheannan has been a role model in my classroom. She is a dedicated and motivated student. She does a great job of regularly attending school and is always on time. She is respectful to her classmates and her teacher. She knows classroom procedures and routines, which is very helpful to me. At Four Creeks Elementary, we hold our students to high expectations that we call P.A.W.S., which stands for Positive Attitude, Academic Focus, Wise Choices, and Show Respect and Miss Shipman does an excellent job of showing her P.A.W.S.”
Jacqueline Morales Gaitan
Golden Oak Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Stephanie Hunt
Nominator states, “Jacqueline is new to our country, from El Salvador, and speaks almost no English. Yet, she finds a way to be a good citizen, watching and learning and doing what others are doing. She could use the language barrier as a way to do less, but she continually impresses me with her desire to do what's right and more than expected. She is an awesome kid!”
Sayra Arreguin
Golden West High School, Visalia
nominated by Manuel Cobarruvias
Nominator states, "I am so impressed with Sayra Arreguin. She has been a Teachers Assistant with our special education students and she truly cares about her kids. If only you could see the excitement the kids feel when they see her, then you would understand how awesome this young lady is with our most delicate students. Not only does she make our special education students feel like they belong here, but she gets other students involved. She is one of the most caring students I know and we really appreciate her."
Jessica Molina-Ayala
Goshen Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Ginna Willers
Nominator states, “Jessica is a model scholar. I know she respects herself because she is an active listener and engaged learner. She puts forth her best effort on all academic tasks and completes assignments with care. I can depend on her to help those around her in a kind way and can trust her with special responsibilities in the classroom. Jessica is a respectful citizen at Goshen Elementary and a future leader in our community and world!”
Carly Warkentin
Grace Christian School, Visalia
nominated by Meg Prull
Nominator states, “Carly learns the rules and strives to follow them at all times. She is very dependable and is a great leader, helping others to follow the rules in a kind and helpful manner. Terrific job, Carly!”
Nevaeh Acuff
Highland Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Marivel Villarreal
Nominator states, “Nevaeh is kind, helpful and generous. She is very generous with her helpful kind words at a very opportune time. If someone makes a mistake and they feel sad, she is quick at saying, 'It doesn't matter. You tried your best.' I have also caught her helping friends whom have fallen from the monkey bars. For these reasons, Neveah Acuff exemplifies the caring character trait, and I am proud to nominate her.”
Jalaenah See
Houston Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Brittney Valencia
Nominator states, “Jalaenah is a great model of the pillar of fairness. She is very fair and loves to help others to understand what that really means. She is a great model student and a great friend to her peers. Great job, Jalaenah!”
Noelle Rivera
Hurley Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Jessica Wynn
Nominator states, “Noelle is a very respectful student. She waits until she is called upon to speak in the classroom. She waits until someone is finished speaking in a conversation to speak, and cares greatly about everyone. She even collects items to donate to the SPCA because she knows that even stray dogs deserve kindness and respect.”
Ava Ross
La Joya Middle School, Visalia
nominated by Alexandra Hoyt
Nominator states, “Ava always comes to class prepared and is always willing to put in the time and work required to get good grades. She asks for help when she needs to and is always in class on time. She works hard to complete her assignments, and when she does not complete them to her standards, comes back and asks to fix it or make it better. She is one of the most responsible students I know.”
Agustin Basilio
La Sierra Military Academy, Visalia
nominated by Annette Bermudez
Nominator states, “Agustin is always polite and willing to go the extra mile for any new or current cadet here at LSMA. He is an excellent leader. His position here at La Sierra Military is as a Captain, second in charge of the whole La Sierra Military Academy enrollment. I have been here almost four years and since day one, he has been an outstanding model cadet here at this school site.”
Natan Arzate
Linwood Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Julie Marsh
Nominator states, “Natan was one of my most caring students. He took the responsibility to lock and unlock our classroom door each day. He took that job and did it to the best of his ability. He always met me before I reached the door to get the keys so he could open the door before I reached the room. He has such a kind heart and is a wonderful young man.”
Adam Hacker
Manuel F. Hernandez Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Genobeva Sandoval
Nominator states, “Adam does an outstanding job in everything he does. He is extremely kind, patient, and caring with peers and adults. He is always on task and is a high achiever, always seeking excellence in his work and studies. He is definitely a model student and has earned a position to be honored!”
Brandon Hiraoka
Mineral King Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Carolyn Muro
Nominator states, “It is not often that a teacher can say they have a student who always does what they are supposed to do, but when talking about Brandon that's exactly what you have to say. Brandon is always a scholar and a great model for his classmates.”
Brandon Altamirano
Mountain View Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Erin Twamley
Nominator states, “Brandon demonstrates responsibility by being ready to learn each day when he comes to school. He thoughtfully completes all of his assignments and makes scholarly choices throughout the day. Great job, Brandon!”
Joseph Silva
Mt. Whitney High School, Visalia
nominated by Tim Perrotta
Nominator states, “Joseph makes good choices in difficult situations. Several times during this school year he has been challenged with adversity, but each time he has demonstrated the ability to subdue his passions and take the high road. His character is solid and his efforts in class are also appreciated. He is respectful to others without being prompted to be so. He lives by the Golden Rule and exemplifies respect in his actions and words.”
Adam Oudra
Oak Grove Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Kimberly Chance
Nominator states, “Adam is an amazing second grade student. He has gone out of his way to make the transition smooth for a special needs student in our class. He is calm, kind, and friendly to this student. He talks with him when he becomes agitated; models calm hands and always pats him on the back and speaks words of encouragement. Adam is an exemplary model of caring and compassion.”
Emmah Atkinson
Pinkham Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Dona Johnson
Nominator states, “Since Emmah entered into Room 53, she has continually applied herself. She has set goals and continues to strive for them. Demonstrating perseverance characteristics can be challenging because we all want to sometimes just give up. However, Emmah is determined to meet her goals, regardless of the challenges she needs to overcome. Her efforts, attitude, and responsibility enable her to be a model citizen on campus. I am so proud to be her teacher to stand alongside her and help her grow academically.”
Reese Ainley
Ridgeview Middle School, Visalia
nominated by Paige Ainley
Nominator states, “Reese is nominated for being a fantastic student and a lady of character! Reese comes to class everyday ready to work, and she has not missed a single homework assignment, or class work assignment. Reese is also in band, drum line, and currently plays on the Ridgeview volleyball team. Reese is the essence of responsibility and currently holds a 4.0 GPA in my history class. Reese has proven to be the model of Responsibility.”
Rondrell Williams
Royal Oaks Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Laurie Robinson
Nominator states, “Rondrell is that student that every teacher dreams of! She could have earned each and every one of these character traits, as she exhibits them all on a daily basis. I chose to honor her for being responsible because she is someone who often stands out for always doing what she is supposed to, no matter where she is.”
Mason Corner
Shannon Ranch Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Monica Pasquini
Nominator states, “Mason is always honest and I know that he is trustworthy and keeps his promises. He exemplifies the character trait of trustworthiness, but also of respect. He is one of the most respectful boys I have in my class. He is always doing what he is supposed to be doing. He is a role model for others to follow.”
Mauro Rosas
Stone Corral School, Visalia
nominated by Miguel Rodriguez, Gabriel Perez
Nominators state, “Mauro is a very responsible student that excels in all subjects. He completes all assignments and activities as best as he can. Mauro's school work exceeds the requirements and is continuously improving in all areas. Mauro is one of the most responsible students I have had in my class. It was a pleasure having him as a student last year, and a pleasure he is a student at our school."
Shyla Carranza
Sycamore Valley Academy, Visalia
nominated by Alejandra Yado
Nominator states, “Shyla is an upstanding citizen. She wakes up daily, excited for what the school day has in store for her. Her family has told me how much she likes school, and it is evident the minute that she walks through the door. She comes in with a great big smile on her face and asks, "Miss Yado, do you need help with anything?" As Shyla's teacher, I am honored to have a student who is an upstanding citizen and eager to share her insights with others.”
Cody Estermann
Valley Life Charter School, Visalia
nominated by Robert Osak
Nominator states, “Cody shows great citizenship in the tech lab. He notices when there is a need and solves it, even without being directed or asked. For example, he determined it would be helpful if he came in on Fridays after school and shut down the computers, and turn them on Monday mornings. He puts others first when they have computer problems and speaks to them with care and concern for their needs. He is a leader through and through.”
Jaime Valdez
Valley Oak Middle School, Visalia
nominated by Jameson Endres
Nominator states, “Jaime played 3 after school sports teams last school year. He was involved with the 7th grade Flag Football Team, 7th grade Boys Basketball, and 7th grade Baseball. I had the privilege to coach Jaime during football and baseball. During basketball I observed most of the 7th grade games, but I coached the 8th grade team. I have found through interactions with Jaime's parents that the signs of Respect I see in Jaime are directly influenced by his parents. Jaime is a leader to his peers with not only his actions, but also his words.”
Gwenavere Deering
Washington Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Elizabeth McKercher
Nominator states, “Fairness is about treating all people equally and considering how people will be affected by their actions. Gwenavere showed fairness when she went out of her way to find the owner of a pencil she found on the floor. Great job, Gwenavere!”
Cade Gann
Willow Glen Elementary School, Visalia
nominated by Cindy Jacobsen
Nominator states, “Cade has taken on the responsibility of heading our leadership team; he takes this role very seriously. He arrives 45 minutes early each morning to complete a variety of tasks, including planning after school events, setting up committees for upcoming events, doing classroom jobs, setting up the weekly Warrior Bucks reward table for the younger students, and manning the booth for our after school sports snack bars. He is an amazingly mature, focused, responsible young man who puts the same attention to his classroom goals.”
Valeria Montes
Castle Rock Elementary School, Woodlake
nominated by Shana Campbell
Nominator states, “Valeria takes the responsibility of learning very seriously. She almost doubled her reading score last year because of all the hard work and perseverance that she put in. I am so proud that she took on that responsibility and proved that hard work does pay off!”
Zane Justice
Francis J. White Learning Center, Woodlake
nominated by Maggie Osorio
Nominator states, “Zane is a student in my kindergarten class and throughout the first few months of school, he has modeled what it means to be a trustworthy student. He makes great choices, both in the classroom and out on the playground. Zane knows that even if I am not looking or if I have to step away from the classroom, he is to stay on task and follow the classroom rules and procedures.”
Cristina Trujillo
Woodlake High School, Woodlake
nominated by Dominique Biello
Nominator states, “Cristina is a trustworthy student who is always honest, tells the truth, and keeps her promises. For example, if the teacher asks her for help, she can be trusted to do a superb job. She is honest about her feelings in a polite way and always tells the truth. Great job, Cristina!”
Victoria Zisumbo
Woodlake Valley Middle School, Woodlake
nominated by Llulis Maldonado
Nominator states, “Victoria is always doing what she is supposed to be doing. Math is not her favorite subject, but she perseveres and always does the best she can. She is self-disciplined and always shows pride at Woodlake Valley Middle School. Outstanding, Victoria!”
Alexander Anguiano
Woodville Union School, Woodville
nominated by Samantha Cook
Nominator states, “Alexander is the poster child for the pillar of responsibility. He exhibits not only responsibility, but each and every one of the other pillars as well. He is always on task, from the moment he enters the classroom in the morning until the moment he exits the classroom in the afternoon. He is truly one of the most responsible students I have had the pleasure of teaching in my 15-year career.”

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