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Migrant Early Childhood Education (MECE)

The Migrant Early Childhood Education (MECE) program is a family literacy model designed to promote school readiness through the strategies of early childhood education, family literacy and parenting skills. Eligible migrant children, ages 3-7, and their parents may participate. Priority for participation is given to 3-5 year-olds who lack the preschool experience.

Migrant Education Program Coordination and collaboration with adult education resources is an important component of the MECE program. Parents participate in community/school district ESL, GED, and other adult education programs as available.

Summer Pre-K Academies

The purpose of the summer Pre-K Academies is to provide incoming migrant kindergartners, especially those who have little or no preschool experience, with the academic support to prepare them for successful achievement of the kindergarten standards.

Approximately 150 children throughout Tulare and Kings counties participate in a four-week summer readiness program that emphasizes language development/reading and supports academic transition to kindergarten.

Home-Based School District Sites
(* funded by Tulare County First5)
Corcoran Palo Verde
Dinuba Pixley
Ducor * Porterville *
Exeter Reef-Sunset
Farmersville Strathmore
Hanford Sunnyside
Island Tulare *
Kings River-Hardwick Visalia *
Lemoore Waukena
Oak Valley

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  • Increase parental involvement in the education of their children and to be their children's first teacher
  • Build school readiness skills
  • Create a successful transition from home to school
  • Strengthen language development and literacy among migrant families
  • Improve skills, attitudes, values, and behavior linked to reading
  • Develop positive attitudes, confidence and good self-concept
  • Facilitate access to adult education and job skills programs
  • Establish collaborative partnerships with Head Start, Adult Education programs, Title I, etc. for the provision of services to migrant families
  • Increase the social significance of literacy in family and community life
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Focus Areas

Early Childhood Education / School Readiness
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and language experiences based on ongoing assessment are used to create a learning environment.
  • Preparation of migrant children for successful transition from home to school
Parent Education / Literacy
  • Parent as "first teacher" approach
  • Parenting skills education
  • Opportunities for positive parent/child interaction
  • Activities to encourage parent/child interaction in the home
  • Information to facilitate families' access to community and educational resources
  • Utilization of daily routines and the use of household materials to reinforce early childhood skill development
Adult Education
  • Parents encouraged to attend local adult education classes in GED/High School diploma, ESL, and employment skills

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For additional information, contact Joe Calvo at joec@kings.k12.ca.us or call (559) 651-3035.

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