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Farmer in the Dell The goal of the Tulare County Office of Education Nutrition Network is to support students in making lifelong healthy choices. Students learn and retain information best when they can relate what they experience in the classroom to their personal lives. Farmer in the Dell partners with local farmers, ranchers and other agriculture professionals. In partnering with these professionals we want to develop each child's knowledge and understanding of the agricultural opportunities in the Central Valley.

Farmers are the first people responsible for producing healthy, nutritious, delicious food. They know how to plant, cultivate, irrigate, harvest and store the food we eat every day. In the diverse multi-ethnic Tulare county community, the appreciation of healthy food is a wonderful way to bring people together. Farmer in the Dell helps share practical knowledge and experience with eager young minds. The farmers and the students work together to grow healthy attitudes about where their food comes from and how it gets from the field to the table.

Farmer in the Dell at Borba Dairy

Our farmers and ranchers are chosen based on their practical experience, flair for presentation, and ability to model the best practices of their profession. They show plants, trees and animals straight from the farm, share nourishing nutrition education, savory social studies, cultivated with a measure of mathematics, sprinkling of science and a hint of history.

For more information, contact Nani Rowland, Nutrition Network Project Coordinator, at nrowland@tcoe.org, or call at 651-0130.

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