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Nutrition Decathlon

A Nutrition Decathlon can be a fun and informative way for your school's students to learn about nutrition, health, and exercise.

  • Materials - A list of items needed for the various events.

  • Ticket Booth - Ideas for running a ticket booth. Students answer trivia questions at the ticket booth to earn tickets to participate in the decathlon events.

  • Activities - Ideas for decathlon events including Apple Toss, Carrot Hop, and Coconut Bowling. Each event lists the materials needed, the amount of preparation time needed, how to set up the event, directions, and helpful hints.

  • Scorecard for each decathlon participant.

  • Power Up! Tickets to print and use.

  • Trivia Questions - Example trivia questions to use at the ticket booth.

  • Information Boards posted at each activity station are used to educate students about the fruit or vegetable used in the activity.

  • Evaluation Form - After your successful decathlon event, the Health Education Council would appreciate your feedback.

  • Tests for students to take before and after the decathlon. Students are also given the opportunity to supply feedback of what they enjoyed about the decathlon.
Click on a photo below to see examples of some of the activities.

Apple Archery Berry Relay Coconut Bowling Melon Lifting Squash Challenge

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