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Child Lures Prevention Teach your child how to recognize and avoid common lures.

Tulare County Superintendent of Schools, Jim Vidak, is pleased to make Child Lures Prevention Program Parent Guides available to interested staff, their families and community members.

Written by nationally recognized author and child abduction expert, Ken Wooden, the guides are designed to teach parents and children how to recognize and thwart frequently used child abduction "lures."

The Child Lures Prevention Program was founded in 1984 by Wooden and his family and teaches life skills to protect children and youth from sexual exploitation, abduction, Internet crime, drugs and school violence. It provides an understanding of the specific Lures used in these crimes and teaches proven prevention strategies so children can readily take steps to remove themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

An integral part of the program is a 20-page illustrated Child Lures Parent Guide that Wooden believes is the definitive guide for keeping youngsters safe from sexual exploitation, abduction, Internet crime, drugs, and school violence.

The guide includes detailed explanations of the 16 lures commonly used by child molesters and abductors, prevention strategies, tips for keeping children safe, ways to explain the concept of law to children, categories of missing children and steps to take if your child is missing.

"Tulare County Office of Education has a long-standing relationship with Ken Wooden," explains Vidak. "Children and their safety are top priorities for us. We're fortunate to have Ken Wooden, the Child Lures Prevention Program and associated resources available to us to teach our children and parents how to recognize and avoid frequently used abduction lures," says Vidak.

Child Lures Prevention Parent Guide A must-have resource for parents, care providers, educators and others, the Parent Guide handbook to the Child Lures School Program is available free-of-charge to TCOE staff, families and community members. Please call 559.733.6300 or visit the front reception area of the main office at 6200 South Mooney Boulevard in Visalia for your copy. Supplies are limited.
The handbook is free.
The information is priceless.

For more information, visit the Child Lures Prevention website.

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