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News Gallery Archives - 2009

December 2009 / January 2010 - LOCAL HISTORY'S NEW ADDRESS - The new Museum of Farm Labor and Agriculture to chronicle the people and farming practices that made Tulare County world renown

November 2009 - ENVIRONMENTALLY CONNECTED - Middle school students learn about the care of public lands at the second annual MyForest Summit

October 2009 - BUILDING SKILLS, SERVING OTHERS - La Sierra Military Academy students find their new trade skills are valued by local organizations

September 2009 - INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE - Young people from around the world come to Tulare County to serve as SCICON interns

July/August 2009 - INCLUDING ME - Preschool Support Team helps children with special needs flourish in school and at home

June 2009 - TRUSTED SUPPORT - Woodlake student continues to show steady academic and personal gains through use of new equipment provided by Assistive Technology Center

May 2009 - LIP SYNCH TURNS 20 - As a new generation of Friday Night Live participants take to the stage, alumni serve in Tulare County classrooms and youth development programs

April 2009 - READING, WRITING & RUMBA - Three new after-school programs offer Tulare high school students academic assistance plus enrichment through dance, art, cooking and physical activity

March 2009 - ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME - State Migrant Family Child Care Network offers complete social and educational care for children and support for their families

February 2009 - GET ON STAGE - Theatre Company's new On Stage program helps Tulare County schools prepare on-site productions

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