Robotics Workshop
& Exhibition

Robotics Workshops

Throughout the day, we will be offering Robotics Workshops to students.

The outcomes for the Robotics Workshops are to:

Students may sign up for robotics workshops on the day of the event. Workshops will be aligned in grade bands K-5 and 6-12.

Robotics Exhibition

Either before or after the workshop, students can head over to the Robotics Exhibition area to see what students are currently doing with robotics in the classroom. Students can bring in their pre-made robots and show them off in some of the robotics events set up in the exhibition area. Some events that may be on display are Tug-of-War, Go Fish!, Sumo Bots, and many more.

The outcomes for the Robotics Exhibition are to:

Individuals and groups of students currently participating in robotics clubs or classes at their schools may enter into a non-competitive robotics exhibition. Students will engage their robotic designs in a variety of challenges and collaborate with students from other school sites.

For more information, contact Jared Marr at (559) 651-3047 or Nicole Ray or Paula Terrill at (559) 651-0565.