Tulare County
Science & Engineering

Tulare County Science & Engineering Fair

The Tulare County Science & Engineering Fair is held annually in the Spring. Traditionally, over 150 projects are entered into competition and are on display for public viewing. These projects recognize the outstanding efforts and achievements in science and engineering by students throughout Tulare County. Science experts representing a wide variety of public and private sectors are invited to judge the projects.

The outcomes for the Science & Engineering Fair are to:

Students in grades 3-12 may enter the Science & Engineering Fair. Projects may enter the fair in one of two divisions: Competitive and Non-Competitive. All projects must adhere to the scientific method or engineering design process.

Project topics will address one of the following categories:

The final category placement of each project will be determined by TCOE.

Competitive Project information

Non-Competitive Project information

Each project will require a $10 entry fee.

For more information, contact Jared Marr at (559) 651-3047 or Nicole Ray or Paula Terrill at (559) 651-0565.