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Tulare County Regional Science Olympiad

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Divisions/Grade Levels

Currently, there are four Science Olympiad divisions:

  • Division A1 - grades K - 3 (not applicable in Tulare County)
  • Division A2 - grades 3 - 6
  • Division B - grades 6 - 9
  • Division C - grades 9 - 12
A maximum of five 9th-grade and seven 12th-grade students on a team is permitted. Middle schools may invite five of their last year's 8th-grade students to be part of the team. There is no national tournament for Division A schools.


A school team membership fee must accompany the completed membership application form 30 days before the regional competition. The fees are in two parts; National and Regional fees. These fees entitle the member school to a copy of the Science Olympiad Coaches and Rules Manual plus the eligibility to have up to 15 students participate at the regional and state competitions. Four B and four C teams from each regional event will go on and compete at the NorCal State competition. It is important that schools submit a membership fee early to receive a copy of the rules. Specific rules have been developed for each event and are revised yearly.

Schools are encouraged to develop many teams (some schools involve the entire student body). A school can have at most three teams competing in the regional competition. Each team must have separate paid membership. Only one team per school is permitted to represent their state at the National Finals.


Athletic-style medals will be given for each event at the regional and state competition. At the regional competition, medals will be awarded to 1st through 5th places. At the regional competition, trophies will be awarded to 1st through 4th place teams in Divisions B & C. Championship trophies will be awarded to the Division B and C school teams compiling the lowest scores during the NorCal State Science Olympiad competition. A team may participate in one or all of the events within its division.