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Tulare County Office of Education

mailing address:
P.O. Box 5091
Visalia, CA 93278-5091

physical address:
6200 South Mooney Boulevard
Visalia, CA 93277
7000 Doe Avenue
Visalia, CA 93291-9287

phone: (559) 733-6300
fax: (559) 627-5219

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Tim A. Hire, County Superintendent of Schools
phone: (559) 733-6301, ext.1101
e-mail: tim.hire@tcoe.org

Fernie Marroquin, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
phone: (559) 733-6474, ext.1201
e-mail: fernie.marroquin@tcoe.org

Andrea Perez, Assistant Superintendent, District Support Services
phone: (559) 302-3633, ext.3109
e-mail: andrea.perez@tcoe.org

Julie Berk, Assistant Superintendent, Student Support Services
phone: (559) 651-3022, ext.3951
e-mail: jberk@tcoe.org

Tammy McKean, Assistant Superintendent, Special Services
phone: (559) 730-2910, ext.5120
e-mail: tammym@tcoe.org

John Rodriguez, Director, Human Resources
phone: (559) 733-6306, ext.1702
e-mail: johnr@tcoe.org

Robert Herman, Public Information Officer
phone: (559) 733-6606, ext.1104
e-mail: robh@tcoe.org

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Tulare County Board of Education
Celia Maldonado-Arroyo, President, Dinuba, Trustee Area 1
Tom Link, Vice President, Visalia, Trustee Area 3
Judy Coble, Lindsay, Trustee Area 4
Joe Enea, Visalia, Trustee Area 5
Pat Hillman, Tulare, Trustee Area 7
Debby Holguin, Woodlake, Trustee Area 2
Chris Reed, Porterville, Trustee Area 6

Donna Glassman-Sommer, Executive Director-California Center on Teaching Careers
(559) 730-2549, ext.1341
Lynne Goodwin, Administrator-California Friday Night Live Partnership
(559) 733-6496, ext.1268
Kelley Petty, CHARACTER COUNTS! Coordinator
(559) 740-4303, ext.1301
Roger Beavers, Director-Maintenance and Operations
(559) 730-2749, ext.1221

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Business Services Division
Fernie Marroquin, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent-Business Services
(559) 733-6474, ext.1201
Jody Arriaga, Director-Internal Business Services
(559) 733-6691, ext.1502
Wayne Lacy, Dr.B.A., Director-Information Systems
(559) 730-2900, ext.1601
Jeff Ramsay, Director-General Services
(559) 733-6691, ext.1204
Sarah Smigiera, Director-External Business Services
(559) 733-6338, ext.1401

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Human Resources Division
John Rodriguez, Director-Human Resources
(559) 733-6306, ext.1702
Sara Marvin, Credentials and Retirement Analyst
(559) 733-6327, ext.1715

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Instructional Services Division
Julie Berk, Assistant Superintendent-Student Support Services
(559) 651-3022, ext.3951
Andrea Perez, Assistant Superintendent-District Support Services
(559) 302-3633, ext.3109
Nan Arnold, Program Manager-School Health Programs
(559) 651-0130, ext.3710
Mary Dolan, Administrator-New Teacher & Leadership Development
(559) 302-3640, ext.1356
Jen Francone, Ed.D., Administrator-ERS
(559) 651-3831, ext.3301
Martin Frolli, Ed.D., Administrator-Leadership Support Services
(559) 739-0319, ext.3103
Barbara Leal, Teacher Induction Program Director
(559) 733-6315, ext.1362
Conan Palmer, Planetarium & Science Center Supervisor
(559) 733-6871, ext.1311
Bethany Rader, Director-Theatre Company
(559) 651-1482 ext.3645
Nicole Rocha, Administrator-Educational Options
(559) 651-2904
Virginia Sepeda, Region VII System of Support for Expanded Learning Project Coordinator
(559) 334-7154, ext.3613
Dianne Shew, Administrator-SCICON
(559) 539-2642, ext.4810
Frank Silveira, Administrator-CHOICES
(559) 651-0155, ext.3611
Joy Soares, Director, College and Career
(559) 733-6101, ext.1124
Tony Velásquez, Administrator-Migrant Education Program
(559) 651-3035, ext.3430

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Special Services Division
Tammy McKean, Assistant Superintendent-Special Services
(559) 730-2910 ext.5120
Brian Cordero, Program Manager-AcCEL Program-Visalia Area
(559) 733-1992 ext.6510
Sarah Hamilton, Administrator-AcCEL Programs
(559) 730-2910 ext.5128
Rebecca Hendrickson, Program Manager-AcCEL Program-Tulare Area
(559) 688-2868 ext.6412
Joe Martinez, Director-Psychological Services, Preschool Program
(559) 730-2910 ext.5164
Jennifer Newell, Psy.D., Director-Behavioral Health Services
(559) 730-2969 ext.6938
Tiffany Owens-Stark, Program Manager-Intervention Resource Classrooms
(559) 730-2910 ext.5147
Ron Pekarek, Program Manager-Bright Start Parent/Infant Program, Bright Future Program
(559) 747-3984 ext.6811
Jennifer Reimer, Program Administrator-Mild to Moderate Programs
(559) 730-2910 ext.5141
Jill Santivanez, Administrator-AcCEL Program-North County
(559) 528-6925 ext.6210
Katrina Smith, Program Manager-AcCEL Program-Porterville Area
(559) 781-0843 ext.6310
Rachel Weaver, Administrator-Related Services (Adapted Physical Education, Assistive Technology, Low Incidence Services, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Services, Visually Impaired
(559) 730-2910 ext.5146
Beth Wilshire, Coordinator, Foster Youth Services/Homeless Education
(559) 730-2910 ext.5131

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Please consult our Staff Listing Page and our Staff Responsibilities Page for additional staff assignments.

Additional Contacts

Professional Organizations
Federal and State Legislators
Tulare County Board of Supervisors
Tulare County Committee on School District Organization
California State Board of Education
California Department of Education

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Tim A. Hire, County Superintendent of Schools
Tulare County Office of Education
All mail to: P.O. Box 5091, Visalia, CA 93278-5091
Physical address: 6200 S. Mooney Blvd., Visalia, CA 93277
phone: (559) 733-6300 • fax: (559) 627-5219

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