Planetarium & Science Center

image of the Tulare County Office of Education's Planetarium & Science Center

Public Shows

Tickets for public shows are available for purchase online. Please see our show schedule for upcoming show dates.

School Field Trips

We are now taking field trip reservations for the 2023-2024 school year. Please see our Field Trip Guide for information on preparing for a school field trip.

About the Planetarium & Science Center

Astronomy is the oldest of the sciences and the one which has held the strongest grip on our imagination over the centuries. The modern era of space telescopes and sophisticated space probes has brought with it a great expansion of our cosmic horizons and many surprising changes in our understanding of the universe.

The Planetarium & Science Center is a multimedia educational facility designed to provide unique and exciting learning experiences which supplement and reinforce the classroom curriculum. A variety of educational programs are offered throughout the school year and are available to all students in Tulare County, including special education and preschool.

All programs meet the criteria of enriching and expanding the classroom curriculum while providing a learning experience that cannot be duplicated in the regular classroom. The planetarium provides the opportunity to explore the wonders of the universe in an exciting and stimulating manner. Visitors will take imaginary but realistic trips through our solar system, as well as explore a variety of other astronomy-related topics.

The Planetarium & Science Center is provided as a service to the school districts of Tulare County through funding made available by the Tulare County Superintendent of Schools.