Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program

Increasing educational outcomes for youth in foster care in Tulare County

Foster & Homeless Youth Education Services

The TCOE Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program (FYSCP) provides support services for students who experience the trauma of being removed from their home, school instability, and multiple placements while in foster care. Our goal is to increase collaboration among child welfare, probation, education, and community agencies to improve the educational outcomes for students in foster care. FYSCP has project specialists assigned to school districts to establish networks, assist with challenges, and implement solutions in meeting the unique needs of students in foster care.

Services that we provide to districts and our community partners are:

  • Master list of resources [English, Spanish] for foster youth, caregivers, district liaisons, and community members
  • Current list of district foster youth liaisons within Tulare County

  • Guidance to school districts, placement agencies, and care providers in meeting the legal obligations and educational rights pertaining to foster youth

  • Collaboration with county departments and agencies including Independent Living Programs

  • Protection of foster youth educational rights and assistance with immediate and appropriate, stable school placements

  • Training for all stakeholders on critical issues including educational rights, legal mandates, best practices, and other school-related topics

  • Assistance with educational and motivational programs and events for a successful transition from foster care

  • Building awareness in schools and group homes on the understanding of laws, procedures, and needs for supporting a foster youth’s education

  • Maintaining Foster Focus, a database of foster youth students in Tulare County public schools, to ensure they receive appropriate educational supports and services as outlined in Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP)

Please contact Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program for more information.

Courtney Venegas
Program Coordinator
(559) 302-3622 ext. 5156

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