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To celebrate Career Technical Education (CTE) month, the Tulare Kings College and Career Collaborative (TKCCC) is recognizing outstanding career technical education teachers in Tulare and Kings counties.  The Tulare County Office of Education convenes TKCCC to advance career technical education, and college and career readiness across the two-county region. 

February is CTE Month – a public awareness campaign hosted by Association for Career and Technical Education and sponsored by National Association of Home Builders. 

“Our honorees go above and beyond each day to provide rich, career-focused curriculum to their students,” said Tulare County Superintendent of Schools Tim Hire. “Whether the subject is medicine or law, building trades or agriculture, they are teaching leadership and in-demand technical skills valued by today's employers. We thank them for their dedication to our students.”

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Profiles in Character
Pleasant View ES

The Pleasant View (PV) Elementary School student leadership team is responsible for the school’s monthly CHARACTER COUNTS! (CC!) Store, CC! Pillar Raffle, communicating and running any activities for CC! Week, and doing skits and interviews for CC! assemblies held at the end of each month. Throughout the month, students can earn CC! tickets for displaying the Pillars of Character and receive tickets from teachers and support staff. At the end of the month, students visit the CC! Store and purchase a variety of fun, useful, and exciting items with their tickets.

Pleasant View teacher Tashima Irving said PV implements a “Culture of Pillar Character,” meaning students need to participate in and outside of the classroom in activities and tasks that promote positive character. She said, “We at PV have made it a priority to implement monthly activities for each pillar in the classroom. We allow students to earn CC! tickets for showing the character they are learning and hearing about, and reward students with awards and Pillar Packs (filled with goodies) for those that stand out amongst the rest."

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