ActVnet logoActVnet is funded and developed by the Tulare County Office of Education. Recognizing the crucial need to enhance safety measures in educational settings, TCOE took the initiative to develop ActVnet.

This innovative program serves as a powerful platform, fostering collaboration and coordination between schools and first responders during critical moments. ActVnet is a web-based solution that can be used from any web-enabled device and is intended to improve emergency response processes as well as school safety and security.

Schools may use the platform to share crucial site information such as shut-off valve locations, school emergency procedures, and personnel details. ActVnet also gives law enforcement real-time access to live camera feeds from school sites, allowing them to immediately gain situational awareness in the case of an emergency. Making real-time communication and coordination between first responders and schools feasible ActVnet’s web-based architecture makes it a useful and adaptable solution that can be utilized on a range of devices, making it a great asset for any department.

ActVnet is an innovative school safety program that grew out of the urgent need to improve security in schools and make sure that kids, teachers, and staff are safe. Its main goal is to create a standard of safety with all its partners throughout the region. From the beginning, consistency has been the main goal. ActVnet stands as a testament to the commitment of TCOE and its partners to creating a safer environment for all.

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See what educators and first responders are saying about the capabilities of ActVnet in this short film

Drone footage of school campus with ActVnet building identification numbers superimposed.