What is True Sport™?

Sports are a key pillar of our U.S. culture and responsible for countless benefits to the vast majority of Americans who participate. So much, in fact, that the rewards and pressures of success in sports can lead some participants to embrace priorities that are seemingly at odds with their potential value.

We recognize that our youth deserve to have teachers, parents, and coaches equipped with resources to understand that participatory sport is a powerful driver of health and social connectedness, as well as a vehicle for building character and promoting positive values. Our next generation deserves to benefit from ideals and behaviors that shift the “win at all costs” attitude toward a re-defined notion of winning - winning that focuses on the journey and rewards principled participation.

True Sport™ is redefining winning, taking away the finish line, celebrating progress in addition to results, and focusing on what is possible, while allowing our youth to fail, to learn, to grow, and to have fun. Only then will they truly learn to play with passion and sports will truly deliver a positive experience for future generations.

True Sport™ works to empower everyone to do their part to make sure sports are delivering a positive experience for our future generations. Constantly looking into the future, True Sport™ is grounded in the principles of:

Grow to Lead – Challenge yourself, strive for excellence and lead by example.

Fair Play or No Way – The only way to play is with respect for others and for the game.

Be Courageous – Stand up for what’s right, both in sports and in life. Stick to your principles; help make sports better.

Practice Humility – Take pride in how you behave. Win with grace and lose with dignity.

See Further Than Today – Discover through sports, that the future is full of possibility.

Believe in Better – Continually improve in sport and in life through hard work and dedication.

Keep it Real – Focus on having fun and don’t be afraid to fail. Healthy competition can help you discover what you are capable of accomplishing.

Achieve More – Always play to win the game, but know that competing fairly and celebrating progress in addition to results makes you truly victorious.

There is nothing quite like sports to bring people together, impart invaluable life skills and tools, and provide unique and profound experiences and adventures. Sports lessons, both good and bad, transcend the playing field, spilling over into the classroom, the business world, and the community, and contribute to shaping the character and culture of America’s citizens. However, sports are only as good as the environment in which it is played. How can you help create a positive environment and ensure that our young people are learning positive life lessons through sports?

This program is designed to equip your students with the knowledge to make healthy choices in a variety of situations, help prevent the abuse of steroids and dietary supplements, and provide natural alternatives that leverage innate qualities. Your students will gain:

  • Skills for responsible and healthy decision-making
  • Healthy alternatives to performance-enhancing drug use
  • Skills for smart consumerism regarding dietary supplements and energy drinks
  • Heredity and body type knowledge
  • Tools for making balanced food choices

The TrueSport™ 100% Me Middle School Program is easily adaptable to a variety of settings, including classrooms of various subject areas, integrated teaching, and even nontraditional classrooms like weight rooms and locker rooms.