Regional Centralized Services

The Region provides centralized services through the efforts of a team composed of the Director, Program Manager, Area Administrators, Student Recruiters, I & R Quality Control Specialists, Date Technician, Budget & Operations Clerk and Support Staff. While the focus at the regional level is on instructional services for all grade levels, including preschool-aged children and out-of-school youth ages 17-21, Region VIII also provides the following:

  • Technical assistance to school districts
  • Area Administrators who plan, implement and administer supplemental academic and support services as well as technical support
  • Advocacy and support services designed to promote access to the core curriculum and enable migratory students to succeed
  • Health education and social services
  • Parent training for involvement and leadership
  • Staff development and professional growth opportunities for district/regional staff
  • Secondary education activities
  • Out-of-School Youth activities
  • Office and technological support to complement the instructional component