Internal Business Services
Internal Business Services primary function is to support the business and accounting needs of all departments within the Tulare County Office of Education. Internal Business provides the following services:

Budget Development and Monitoring Services
Budgeting is responsible for the development, adoption, and revision of the County Office budget for over 300 programs, as well as monitoring the budget to ensure clear concise communication is provided to programs and stakeholders.

Accounting Services
Accounting is responsible for tracking a programs financial position, verifying expenditures are classified accordingly, and preparing financial reports to funding agencies.

Accounts Payable and Receivables Services
Accounts payable is responsible for encumbrances of expenditures and the audit process of all payments made to vendors. Accounts payable processes approximately over 1,500 checks and 300 purchase orders each month. Accounts receivable is responsible for the collection and deposit of money owed to the Tulare County Office of Education.

State Reporting and Audit
Internal Business is responsible for preparing the financial statements that are required reports by the California Department of Education as well as assisting in the yearly audit performed by our external auditors. 

Jody Arriaga, Director
(559) 733-6691, Ext. 1502