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The ERS Library's CheckThisOut! Multimedia Kit Subscription Service (CTO!) is FREE and available to all staff at our Library Media Services contracting sites. Once you sign up for CheckThisOut!, the ERS Library Team will begin curating monthly sets of materials, especially for you and your students. These kits, based on the criteria you select (see below), will be delivered to your campus. Four weeks later, we'll deliver a new kit and pick up the old one. Kits are available in August - November and January - April. December & May are PICKUP-ONLY months, as all materials must be returned to the ERS Library before winter and summer breaks.

Kit sizes & available customization:
4-6 item kit Material types, grade(s), reading level, and topic customization.
8-10 item kitMaterial types, grade(s), reading level, and topic customization
Class Library kit30 single copy fiction/nonfiction books by grade & reading level [NO topics]
Digital Resources OnlyLinks to ERS Portal Resources w/ grade & topic customization (sent via email)
NO KIT For months when you don't want a kit delivered or emailed.

If you prefer the content you receive to be specifically ERS Portal digital resources, select only "Digital Resources from the ERS Portal" in the What types of materials are you interested in receiving? section and "Digital Resources Only" in the monthly Kit Type sections. You will receive a monthly email containing 4-8 links to curated resources from the ERS Portal rather than a physical delivery to your site. Otherwise, you may select as many types of materials as you like, digital and physical.

Click the image above to compare our different CTO! kits and choose the one(s) best for you.

When completing the sign-up form, you can choose which style of kit to receive each month. Feeling adventurous? Try them all!


CTO! Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Kits
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How current participants use CTO! to enhance lessons and engage students...
"I enjoy using CheckThisOut! to support my Social Studies and Science curriculum.  I use my long term calendar to order for the whole year so I don't have to think about it. They just show up. I use the stories to introduce a topic or to just fill in extra time (if I have any-LOL). My favorite thing about CheckThisOut! is planning it all out at once and not having to think about it afterwards.  It's like a gift I forgot all about that just shows up for me to use."

- K. Tracy, Kings River School, Kings River SD 
"I use CheckThisOut! as a great resource when looking for books for our students. I love the variety and great conversations that the books start. Best thing of all? The great titles!"

- Linda S., Mark Twain Elementary, Corcoran USD