School Library Services
Contracting districts and schools have access to the following as part of their annual contract. Assistance for Portal Only or non-contracting campuses is available at an hourly rate. Contact Sara Torabi for more details.

  • Library Multimedia Network (LMN)
LMN meetings are a bi-monthly gathering of Tulare & Kings County schools’ library staff with an emphasis on collaboration, communication, and creativity. Meetings are dedicated to school library development, exploring technology, discovering how to best use the ERS Portal resources, and how to utilize all ERS Library resources to support the faculty & students at their campus. Attendance is free for contracted school library staff, non-contracting sites may attend at a cost of $25/meeting. For more information, visit the LMN page

  • On-site Library Consultation 
During one 60-90 minute visit, our talented design team can show you how to make the most of your established floor plan, measure your space, discuss your site's needs, and create a completely new layout for you! (See samples at right)

If you are looking at purchasing new furniture for your library space, we are happy to share our list of vendors that specialize in sturdy, school-appropriate furnishings. 

  • Library Collection Weeding Assistance
The ERS Library team is available to help weed outdated & damaged materials from the school library collection. Your path to a current and well-kept library collection begins with contacting Debra Lockwood. Once we receive information about your library (collection size, average age, etc) and your availability, we'll schedule 2 - 5 team members to visit your site. Please be certain your school library staff know they are a part of this process and will be expected to work alongside us throughout. We'll discuss basic weeding criteria and repair/replace guidelines so that collection maintenance becomes a proactive rather than reactive activity. 

To find out how our school library design team can help your library meet the needs of your students, contact or call (559) 651-3031.