Teacher Resource Center (TRC)
For TRC orders or questions, please email library@ersconnect.org

The ERS Library's TRC is open to everyone! If you work at a Library Media Services contracting school, present your current School ID for a 10% discount on TRC purchases.
Poster Printer
 Laminators - 27" and 43"
$0.50/ ft and $1.00/ft
Poster Printer
$5.00 and up (based on size & ink)
Copier (B&W/Color)
$0.10 - $0.20 and $0.40 - $0.80
1000+ Die-cut Blocks
$5.00 per day for non-contracting
butcher paper
construction paper
button maker
Comb/Coil Binding Machines
$0.50 - $1.50 per comb
Butcher Paper
$0.50 per foot
Construction Paper
12"x18"  $0.15 per sheet
$7.50 per pack
1.5" & 3" Button Makers
$0.30 - $3.00

For pricing on additional materials available: 2023-24 TRC Price Sheet


ERS Library staff can create posters from documents you've designed or purchased. Click the image at the right for detailed instructions on ordering posters from the ERS Library.

Poster Ordering
California State Standard Bookmarks         $15.00/set

TCOE's English Language Arts and Math Departments have created a series of California State Standard Bookmarks that are available for purchase through the TRC. They are color-coded and fastened with a binder ring.

California Standards bookmarks

    Available in: 

    ELA K - 12th & Math K - 8th

    CCSS Bookmarks Order Form

Die Cut Collection 
The TRC is home to 1000+ diecut blocks, as well as diecut machines from Ellison and AccuCut. Themes include holidays, places, transportation, animals, alphabet, shapes, math, and many more. Creating bulletin boards and classroom projects is a breeze! The diecut collection is searchable in our Follett Destiny online catalog. In the "Find" bar, type in diecut (plus a descriptor if you choose, example "diecut cat"), then click the Title button.
Ready-to-Go Packs                    $5.00 to $25.00/pack
The TRC carries a small assortment of Ready-to-Go Packs made from the most popular of our die-cut options. Custom packs can be ordered by contacting library@ersconnect.org. The fee for a custom order includes materials & labor.

Pick Up & Delivery Options
If payment arrangements have been made, TRC orders (posters, Ready-to-Go packs, etc.) can be delivered to your contracting site on the weekly delivery day that follows your order's completion date. Be sure to let our staff know if you prefer to pick up your items or have them delivered.