Out-of-School Youth

SEE's Out-of-School Youth program provides young adults with opportunities to succeed as they pursue their educational and work goals. Case managers work individually with each program participant, providing one-on-one counseling, mentoring, career exploration, and tools and resources necessary to become self-sufficient. Program elements include assistance with enrollment into postsecondary education or occupational skills training, assistance in obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent, paid work experience of 240 hours, and help to find unsubsidized employment in a career path with sustainable wages.​

To qualify for SEE's Out-of-School Youth program, you must: 

  1.  Not be in school (with the exception of a trade school or adult school); and 
  2.  Be between 16 and 24 years old at time of enrollment; and 
  3.  Be one of the following: 
  • High school dropout 
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent, is low-income, but is either basic skills deficient or an English language learner
  • Formerly in the juvenile or adult justice system
  • Homeless or a runaway
  • In foster care, aged out of foster care or left foster care for kinship guardianship or adoption
  • Pregnant or parenting
  • Disabled
  • Transgender or non-conforming
  • Other special circumstances (recent traumatic events, victim of abuse, disconnected (neither attending school nor employed), history of seasonal or chronic unemployment, or migrant/seasonal farmworker) 

Do you meet the qualifications listed above? If so, scan the QR code below or click here to get started!

Don't meet this program's qualifications? We can still help! Please call (559) 788-1417 to ask about other programs and services you may be qualified for.

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