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UPHS Information Nights Spring 2024

Information nights take place at 6:00 p.m. at UPHS on the COS Visalia campus (Yokut 8).

Please click here to RSVP for an Information Night on January 25, February 8, February 22, or March 7.

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The Tulare County Office of Education (TCOE), in partnership with the College of the Sequoias (COS) established, in the fall of 2009, a unique, high-performance high school on the COS campus. University Preparatory High School (UPHS) is a free, public high school chartered by the Tulare County Board of Education. 

UPHS welcomes all highly-motivated students looking for an accelerated and rigorous academic program that prepares them for college success. UPHS students will experience their high school years in a college setting, participate in college classes, and earn transferable college credits.

UPHS also offers a robust arts program, including choirs, handbells, drama, dance, symphony/orchestra, and fine arts. Students have a number of sports options through COS sports classes.

Early College Experience
One of the many strengths of University Preparatory High School is the opportunity it provides students to acclimate to college culture and develop the many skills required for college success while still experiencing life as a high school student. Students learn to navigate the complexities of the modern college experience, develop academic and social self-reliance, and effectively implement learning strategies that will serve them well for a lifetime. UPHS students also take a variety of interesting college courses that are transferable to four-year colleges and universities. Students earn some college credits that simultaneously fulfill both high school graduation credits and meet the general education requirements of four-year colleges and universities.

According to many studies conducted by Jobs for the Future, in partnership with The Bill and Melinda Gates Early College High School Initiative, the early college high school approach is a time-tested method proven to increase academic success and college readiness, as well as successful matriculation to and graduation from institutions of higher learning.
Student Life
UPHS students participate in a variety of activities in addition to their core academic courses. These activities include mentoring, service-learning projects, and leadership and enrichment programs.

Students are closely monitored while attending UPHS. While faculty and staff determine when students have reached the level of personal maturity and academic readiness to concurrently enroll in college-level classes, students are encouraged as early as their freshmen year to take classes in Spanish or American Sign Language (ASL). Throughout their four years at UPHS, students are nurtured and supported so they willingly engage in a wider range of academic experiences.

UPHS students organize and participate in public presentations, including music, dance, dramatic performances, and public art exhibits, through events organized by TCOE and events they organize themselves. 

Each year, UPHS students participate in TCOE’s History Day, Science Olympiad, and Mock Trial programs. Also, the UPHS Robotics Team competes in FIRST Robotics competitions. Furthermore, UPHS students produce a beautiful, color 250-page yearbook, a literary magazine that showcases student art, a weekly news show entitled the Panda News Network, and an online student newspaper. 

Additionally, UPHS students enjoy all of the extracurricular activities found at most high schools, such as dances, spirit rallies, prom, field trips, and academic competitions. The Leadership Class organizes a variety of student activities such as “Spirit Fridays,” and the Club Council organizes club events such as “Friendsgiving,” Multicultural Day, and Cinco de Mayo. A wide range of clubs exist each year at UPHS and include, but are not limited to: Drama Club, Robotics Club, ACTS Club, Volleyball Club, Soccer Club, Art Club, 90 Gamer’s Club, and Smash Club. Each grade level also has its own club. Life at UPHS keeps students involved both socially and academically; it remains a wonderful high school option for many Tulare and Kings county students.
Enrollment Information & Other Resources 
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